Fallen Marine Receives Navy Cross

Lance Corporal Donald J. Hogan exemplified the values of the American people

In 2009, 20 year old Donald Hogan was on patrol in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, searching for improvised explosive devices while volunteering to wear a metal detector.

When he noticed a kite string go taut, he knew that the Taliban had just triggered a roadside bomb.

Pushing another Marine out of the way, Hogan shouted a warning to his fellow Marines, right before the blast killed him.

Although recommended for a posthumous Silver Star, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus presented a higher award—the Navy Cross, our nation’s second highest military honor—to Hogan’s parents at a Camp Pendleton, California ceremony yesterday afternoon.

The courage of our troops and willingness to put others before self is what has seen America through the most trying times. Sometimes it takes a 20 year old kid to remind us of that.

Here is a link to the story about today’s ceremony (470 words/1 page)


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  • God bless our troops says:

    Do you realize how many such stories there are? Not all were heroes as depicted but all were serving their country with honor and bravery. When I see the numerous wounded young people who have been torn up in combat, I cry but I also see red with anger about those who administer the war in a way that does not attempt to bring it to victory and close but as though it was a street action in New York City. I hope all of us will vote in a way that brings patriots back into power so we can say to our troops, “We’ve got your back!”

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