Another Idea for Romney: Make a Jane Edmonds Ad

The perspective of the self-described ‘liberal democrat’ who praises Romney’s character and executive ability could win over many voters

I know I posted about this before, during the Republican National Convention, but if you haven’t seen the clip of the speech given in Tampa by Jane Edmonds, an African American liberal Democrat who served in Gov. Romney’s Massachusetts cabinet, check it out. If I were running the Romney campaign, I’d cut Edmonds’s heartfelt and fact-filled remarks into a powerful 30 second ad.

Particularly powerful is Edmonds praise for Romney’s devotion to promoting women and ensuring that their perspectives are honored and that there careers flourish. It’s just not true that Romney and the Republicans are “anti-women,” so why not hit back hard with a voice who will put to rest all those sad, silly accusations?

Edmonds says that Romney’s “success is motivated by doing good for others,” and adds:

“[Mitt Romney] is open to good ideas wherever they come from. It doesn’t matter if they’re from a liberal Democrat like me. He’ll listen and he’s inclusive. As a great leader he brought out the best in me. And I know as president he will bring out the best in our country.”

So why not? Just get it done.

Watch her speech here (5 minutes).