In the below four plus minute segment on Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business program, Foster expressed doubts that Mitt Romney and other Donald Trump “non-fans” will launch a third party effort when they contemplate Hillary Clinton appointing three Supreme Court Justices.

Donald Trump stated his appointees would be in the mold of Justice Scalia.

Under Hillary Clinton, the right to protect our lives and the lives of our families would be gone.

Over 30% of gun purchasers are women who walk through dangerous neighborhoods.

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  • Stuart Bray says:

    Well said. Neil is correct when calling you magnanimous. I suspect you are right that the others (Mitt, Lindsay, etc) will come around and realize that Hillary is a worst case scenario.

  • Norm Hughes says:

    As usual Foster is the adult in the room giving insight to counter the cry-baby activities and threats of some in the GOP who told conservatives to suck it up and support their nominees – every four years since 1984. The “moderates” have a terrible electoral record. Remember Dole, McCain, Romney? The GOP has a chance this year to back a populous candidate who actually might help them re-discover their philosophical souls.

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