Does Donald Trump herald a “post-partisan” environment?

Earlier this week I discussed with CNN’s Pamela Brown a possible Trump-inspired, post-partisan environment.

Donald Trump embraces the notion, articulated by Rick Santorum in his book Blue Collar Conservatives, that neither party pays enough attention to the 70% of Americans who do not possess a college education, the people who actually make our country function.

Trump seems to be bringing welders, truckers, farmers, hospitality workers, and others — traditionally Democratic voters — into the fold to join loyal Republicans who believe our Founding Fathers’ values deserve restoration.

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  • ted thomas says:

    When I saw this 2013 speech by President Obama (following the acquittal of George Zimmerman):
    (my website, just a transcript of his remarks)

    I was appalled. At the risk of violating Policitcally Correct dogma, the tacit excuse and legitimization of Black-on-(fill-in-the-blank-target) violence implied by the President’s remarks has had a predictable effect. Chicago is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, but every major city (and many small ones) across this nation are taking casualties in a de-facto Black-vs-non-Black civil war. Just a few cases in point:
    (about a dozen youtube links, sampling 2016 incidents)

    By far the worst consequences of ignoring and excusing violent crime (much of it by teen-aged Black men and boys, raised in dysfunctional family units) are manifesting themselves in K-12 public schools, where mob-brawls, bullying, and violence against teachers and administrators. Mrs. Clinton is blaming all this on “White privilege” and “Systemic White racism”.

    Speaking as one who grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s, I remember when White racism was a real part of what passed in some cases as “socially acceptable”. Over the succeeding decades, when my generation came of age, I watched it wither and die.

    Unfortunately, for a minority of African Americans, Democrat party politics and sacred cows have created several generations who live in impoverished neighborhoods, with missing parents, and rampant gang and mob violence. There is indeed what I’ll call a “Cradle-to-Prison Railroad”, caused by dysfunctional or non-existent parenting, and a public school system, incapable of providing the safe, secure environment necessary to enable students to learn, develop basic social skills, and become viable, self-sufficient members of 21st Century American society.

    The mayhem which occurs daily in our public schools, all across the nation, is being quietly ignored, and in some cases covered up by the media. And it’s getting worse by the day. I consider it a far more serious threat to the security and future of this nation than radical Islam.

    I think we must try and elevate this problem and the debate about how to solve it to the point where it is part of this election cycle. For starters, we need to face the problem head-on, and take steps to fix it. As an Information Technology professional, I know there ways to apply off-the-shelf technology in our public schools which would give teachers and administrators the tools to deal more effectively with it. Here’s a draft of a proposal for doing just that:

    I’m not saying this is ‘THE’ solution, just that it’s one possible solution, worthy of discussion. Most important, the more people who recognize how bad things have gotten — and the dire need to turn this situation around — the better.

    Ted in Portland, Oregon

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