Foster emphasizes THE issue in election is Supreme Court Justice appointments.

In below video (4 minutes) he also discussed the reason why Donald Trump’s campaign is able to spend less money than traditional campaigns. 

Connell McShane sat in for Neil Cavuto on Fox Business’ Coast to Coast program.

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  • Samuel Teasdale says:

    Will they charge the same for the tuna sandwich sans tuna as for the toast?

  • Scott Hillstrom says:

    Foster, I saw you quoted on Trump saying we should disregard his past. All evidence seems to point to a self-serving, narsicistic megalomaniac of low character. George Will calls on conservatives to vote against him. Bill Kristol the same. NR has actively opposed. one of the Koch’s said he might vote for Clinton. Trump is patently inimical to our values with no apologies. He has a long financial history lacking integrity. And he lies with impunity obviously aiming to turn a few votes his way (Ted Cruz’s dad seen with Oswald!?). It seems to me that ignoring Trumps history ignores Biblical admonitions (e.g Proverbs) and common sense. So I’m inclined not to believe you said what is quoted.

    I will not vote for Trump under any circumstances. I see him as a fundamental threat to our democracy. Few voters realize that if a president ignores Congress and the courts there is nothing the other branches can do about it. Mussolini and Hitler got elected and did this. As for voting for a Republican to get better SC appointments: there is nothing in Trumps history to suggest he will appoint conservatives. More likely he will appoint justices he believes will not resist his use of power. Besides, the most liberal decisions over the past 50 years came from Repiblican appointees–Warren was appointed by Ike; Blackmun who wrote Roe v Wade was appointed by Nixon; and Kennedy who wrote the gay marriage opinion was appointed by Reagan.

    Personally, I believe the. Best hope for America is national repentance and prayer, starting with we who are the church. If you have not seen it before, you might be interested in Lincoln’s Proclamation for a Day of National Prayer and Humilation on 1863. Very fitting for our times. It starts inside of each one of us.

    I would like to,thank you for the two hunting trips I you were so kind to invite me to join in. It was a wonderful time.

    Many Blessings,

    Scott Hillstrom

  • Clark Kent says:

    Hillary is going to win big and you can get on your horse and ride into the sunset…

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