Foster heralds a new arrow in GOP’s quiver—-Trump’s Marketing Skills….

In below video (7.5 minutes) Foster also discussed the importance of cutting public officials slack citing Obama appointee Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald.

He reminded hosts Carl Quintanilla and Kayla Tausche during the CNBC interview that Trump employs 1,100 Hispanics in Florida alone. The 5 minute video by Lynne Patton describing Trump’s treatment of employees is here.

Foster continues to remind voters that the most important issue at stake in the election is the selection of three Supreme Court Justices.

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  • Patsy Wilcox says:

    Foster is a very good concerned American. very involved and working for the good things we all believe in. thank you Foster.

  • Dan Clarke says:

    Thank You! The Supreme Court is essential to helping us rebuild America. We’ve lost our view of how to work together. Imagine how this country would be if every decision were moved forward only if it benefited ALL AMERICANS! Imagine we were so inclusive that we could heartily accept the law. If this were possible we would be able to focus more fully on making the best our own lives… with very little Federal involvement. We have lawful consensus on abortion, civil rights, wage parity, child protection, gays and the importance of health care. Let’s set aside media abuse and self interest in order to get our Liberty back!… “United we stand…” Let the President be chief executive. Let his cabinet resolve
    past issues. Let’s abandon this corrupt “politically correct” theology. Let’s come together again! Blessings on You

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