What does Chelsea think of how her father treats women?…

Isn’t it interesting that you never hear the media ask her this question, or how her mother treats men whereas Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, frequently gets this question from the media?

Crisis of Character, an upcoming book by former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne, will detail what apparently are explosive bouts of temper from whom many people want as their future Commander in Chief. It will be interesting how the mainstream media reacts to it.

This question of what Chelsea thinks of the way her father treats women was one of the main ones I raised in the attached three minute Stuart Varney interview with Stuart Varney, who was sitting in for Neil Cavuto on the Your World with Neil Cavuto program.

Stuart needed to conclude the interview prematurely due to the coverage about the shooting in Israel by two Muslims disguised as Orthodox Jews.

What I was beginning to say, was that as a teenager I spent a lot of time atop my palomino horse herding 140 Hereford steers.  That experience, joined with living in Wyoming, has inculcated into my fiber, the Cowboy Code of the West, where one of the key tenets is “Ride for the Brand.”

We need to encourage more of our Americans to “Ride for the Brand.” Not necessarily the Republican brand, but the American brand which embraces the concept of loyalty, integrity, liberty and freedom.

Donald Trump has ignited a bipartisan effort of people of all political stripes who are disenchanted with the intrusiveness of government into our lives and the corruption, dishonesty and wealth building by use of public office.

America is a brand worth riding for.

God Bless,

Foster Friess****


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  • Bob Viola says:


    Commenting on Mitt Romney’s unsuccessful 2012 Presidential bid, Donald Trump today wrote that the former GOP nominee “choked like a dog”. Do you think this mean the Economic Super Czar position is off the table?

  • Dan Clarke says:

    Thank you… The Chelsea question highlights another problem that has been “engineered” into our society: lack of accountability. You learned self reliance from the back of a horse; if you made a mistake, you fixed it. How is it that Bill, Hillary, Barrack, Joe, Harry and so many other elected rep’s point elsewhere when they frequently fail us? The fact is they can’t teach us to look the other way if WE still want to be honest with one another. Have we ever heard that the President might have done better against terrorism around the world? Or that Bill shouldn’t have repealed Wall Street controls that destroyed our economy? Or that Hillary totally fouled our State Dept.? When have any one of them apologized to America?… Why not? Blessings on You!

  • Dan Clarke says:

    Thanks Foster… Chelsea has every right to question the character of her mother and father. They have severely failed in their leadership of the American people. Einstein proposed that there is no darkness… only the absence of light; no cold, only the absence of heat, etc.. Apply this to “no evil”, “no hate”, “no despair”. In all our suffering we can still love our God, our family, and our country. The concept is a progression in human character that moves from awareness to tolerance to respect to loyalty to dedication and ultimately… unconditional love. What we describe as “hate” always starts with self pity and then moves into a swamp of greed, guilt and more… all examples of the absence of the love America so desperately needs.

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