How could Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney be so misled?

Criticizing Donald Trump’s concerns of objectivity about a judge of Mexican heritage openly associated with the La Raza San Diego Lawyers Association perhaps stems from people hearing Trump’s use of word “Mexican” rather than “LaRaza.”

Former Attorney General of the United States Alberto Gonzales wrote that Trump has legitimate concerns. Gonzales is Hispanic. He points out President Obama appointed Judge Curiel, whose law firm paid $675,000 in speaking fees to Hillary and Bill Clinton. Perhaps we shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that Judge Curiel embraced that decision.

The link to Alberto Gonzales’ op-ed is below.

Trump’s original announcement about the “bad people” coming across the border included, “And some, I assume, are good people.”

But the LaRaza folks morphed his statement: “His comment that Mexico only (my emphasis) sends rapists and criminals to the United States reveals a racist nature that cannot and will not go unnoticed by the Hispanic National Bar Association nor the Latino community.”

Samson Dunn, a pastor of 1,500 Hispanics in Maryvale, one of the most crime ridden areas of Phoenix, Arizona, asks who are these offended Hispanics?

“The hardworking Mexican-Americans I work alongside in the most crime ridden and impoverished communities in Phoenix are not insulted. They understand exactly who Mr. Trump was referring to. He was referring to the individuals that come into the country illegally and devastate many Hispanic communities.”

Samson’s Daily Caller op-ed is linked below.

Joe Biden attacks with: “Surely the framers of our Constitution did not envision a presidential candidate of one of the major political parties personally attacking a sitting federal judge.”

Why didn’t Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney come back with: During President Obama’s 2010 State of the Union address, he denounced not just one but five sitting federal judges – sitting on the highest court in our land, by the way – on television to an international audience because he did not like their Citizens United decision?

Elizabeth Warren implies Trump’s decision was anti-American with: “We are not a nation that disqualifies lawyers and judges from public service because of race or religion or gender.”

Ryan and Romney could have reminded her that
 during the 2003 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Eleventh Circuit nominee, Bill Pryor, Democrats implied that Pryor’s “deeply held” Catholic beliefs put into doubt, his ability to be an impartial judge.

Current Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor said, “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better (my emphasis) conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.” Double standard?

In 2015, the President Obama forced immigration Judge A. Ashley Tabaddor to recuse herself from “all immigration cases involving Iranians.”

While Judge Curiel, in the Trump University case, is not associated with the advocacy group La Raza specifically, the name alone, which means “The Race,” should cause Ryan and Romney to join with Hispanic former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in being more understanding of Donald Trump’s unseasoned diplomatic speak.

La Raza is committed to reuniting the American Southwest with Mexico and supports open borders. One member of the group declared that an “English First” group was to Hispanics what the Klan was to blacks.

Herding 140 head of Hereford steers atop my sturdy Palimino during my teenage years and living in Wyoming gave me an admiration for the cowboys “Code of the West,” which included, “Ride for the Brand.”

Not the Trump brand or the Republican brand, but the “American Brand.”

We need to encourage leaders of both political persuasions to saddle up and start riding again so that we can bring an end to the divisiveness that prevents us from being that “shining city on the hill.”

The “American Brand” respects the right to a fair trial and is careful about demonizing people for alleged racism where there is none. It encourages civility and to make real, our national motto…..”Out of Many, One.”

We don’t have a Caucasian Caucus in Congress and we all need to work so members of the Hispanic Caucus and the Black Caucus feel they have no need to be anything but “Americans.”

Hyphenated Americans should be part of our past.

How will the appointment of possibly three new Supreme Court Justices impact the “American Brand.”

America is a brand worth riding for.

Samson Dunn’s article.
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales op-ed.

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  • James Yahr md says:

    Good article foster

  • David Rivera says:


    I am a Mexican-American by decent but I am an America FIRST!

    2nd generation USA born, Los Angeles Unified High School late 60’s, USAF Viet-Nam veteran, California State University Grad, Corporate America retiree 27 1/2 yrs with a Fortune100 company and a born again believer for 28 yrs.

    I agree with your article Foster 100% Thank you for your thoughts.

    It is the America Brand we fought for and by His grace we have Freedom.

  • Kimberly says:

    “America is a brand worth riding for” would be the best national motto I have heard !
    It also sums up the guiding principles and messages from Donald Trump.

  • Larry Davis says:

    Amen. Foster, I have read your political musings for 5 years+. Always pithy, this post earns my first comment. You nailed it.

    Well done, Larry

  • Dr. Art Travis says:

    If the “establishment” leaders of the GOP were supportive of a Trump candidacy, their response would have been in sync with your own carefully documented and articulate analysis. But they are not, because Trump threatens to up-end their political power base. Sad that these leaders would put their own political fortunes ahead of the best interests of the Country.

  • DR MIKE says:

    The men in question are not walking with the Lord. They are operating by their own agenda, which is not of God s will. Just because you call yourself a Republican or a conservative, that doesnt mean you are a God fearing man. The evangelicals had better get out and vote this term or we can kiss the supreme court good by, and the country will continue to slide into more sufferings due to the Churches lack of political support. We the church should be controlling all elections, as we have the largest congregation of voters. We have to stop failing at the polls, and then complain about Americas failures !

  • Jim nasium says:

    Criticizing a judge for the decision is one thing. Saying that you are losing because the judge is of some race is contrary to everything we stand for as Americans. Ask one of the greatest in Wyoming history republican Alan Simpson what he thinks of the narcissist trump?

    The comparison of criticizing the decision of citizens United as opposed to the ethnicity of the judge is like comparing Jackson hole to Uzbekistan

    One involves a legitimate discussion over whether corporations with unlimited wealth should be allowed to buy elections.

    The other invokes stoking the fires of racism and bigotry.

    Foster. Ryan Simpson Romney have this one right. True north is lost under trump.

  • Douglas Layton says:


    If Romney had been as merciless with Obama as he now is with Trump, he and Ryan would be in the White House with no “Trump issue” to discuss. Romney gave Obama a pass in the last debate on the “Benghazi lying issue”, turned and sat down allowing Obama to turn and sit down in the White House. What they and others such as Lindsey Graham are doing almost daily on national television is madness. Will they damn our nation to generations of a Supreme Court run by anti-Constitutionalists and Islamic sympathizers? Hillary has even indicated she would consider appointing Obama to the Supreme Court (NBC, Washington Post – Jan 26). Think about it Mr. Romney, Mr. Ryan – Obama and his ilk for life. We may have survived Obama’s Presidency and we may survive Hillary’s – but we may not survive their Court.

    I believe the issue of racism/bigotry is the only missile that can sink the Trump ship. Not the economy as there is nowhere for Hillary to hide on this and other issues such as “making America safe” again. The approach you have taken is the only one that will save the day. Mr. Trump must not merely be on the offensive, but his attacks must be nuanced and sophisticated using Hispanics (and Muslims) on point to get past the poorly timed and often cloudy explanations Trump sometimes proffers under pressure.

    The problem is this – very few read what you have written. Granted, you have a “semi-national” audience when appearing on Fox – but it lasts a mere few minutes and is quickly forgotten. We need to get this and similar messages to the general public repeatedly driving the point home and taking the edge off the racism issue– it is imperative. National TV ads with this and similar messages are a must.

    Mr. Trump is many things- some good, some not so good – a bigot is not one of them. Rather than attack him in his weak points as Romney and Ryan have done, we need to do all we can to help him sail his ship safely into harbor – the alternative is too frightening to consider.


  • LouAnn says:

    Very interesting information!

  • steven wilson says:

    as a lifelong conservative, combat naval aviator and historian, let me say that i always love your insights, foster. i passionately love the america envisioned by the founders, and the america in which i grew up. the magnitude of change away from that beautiful ideal began accelerating in the mid-1960’s, and under barak hussein obama’s eviscerating rule, has become a country i little understand any longer. it’s still worth fighting – and even dying – for.

    i pray we can slow or perhaps reverse this disastrous trend in november. we’re only one new justice appointee away from the judicial branch becoming no more than a tool of the radical left … which now controls the democrat party. wake up america!

  • Laurie Batlett says:

    Dr. Layton,

    Thank you for sending me to Foster’s blog. I appreciate all of you and your comments. We must change the narrative! Immediately! Pull up your boot straps and let’s get to work! We must stand behind the presidential candidate and uplift him.

    Laurie Bartlett

  • Dan Clarke says:

    Thanks again Foster. This forum is starting to hit some key points. The miracle of America won’t be found in anthropology. It is not about big v. small, white v. black, brown or any other color, boy v. girl, straight v. gay, the 2nd amendment… or anything else. The miracle is all about the lives we have when we’re united. Those lives promote a loving faith, liberty, freedom of speech, an honest free press, fairness for those who can’t help themselves, and a government that is meaningful.
    Donald Trump is passionate about what America stands for. Any time we see others try to smear him for being straightforward we must ask about their motives. Hillary wants to stay out of jail, Obama wants to finish giving our treasure away, and others are simply disoriented. Mr. Trump should not be seen in public with any of these people… it would dishonor the concept of the President of the United States and betray all those who lived their lives with America in their hearts.
    When we all come together there will be no more screeching at one another “as wild asses in the wilderness”. It will also be politically correct to call a liar a liar.
    Thanks Again Foster.

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