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  • John Sizemore says:

    That was an incredible video. Spoken fro the heart. I implore you to reach our to the conservatives like the Glenn Becks who spews conservative language but promotes indirectly the destruction party of our country. Foster you have the recognition to reach these individuals. Let them know the disaster that will follow if Trump is defeated. God help us all. It will no longer be America, rather Ameri-All
    Always Y2TS
    John Sizemore

  • Sam Teasdale says:

    Listen my comments comparing trump to hitler are valid. The word ban in the biblical sense means to exterminate from the land. And that is what alot of middle eastern people might think he means.

    So quit the feel good i love my boss video and learn something new about how to get along with people.

    excellent propaganda video though.

  • Sam Teasdale says:

    I know foster won’t disagree with me when i say Trump needs to watch his mouth. Be cause I say it, Foster said it. and God said it.

  • Anric Blatt says:

    Mr Friess, many thanks for sharing this, I find your contributions to our country, our political issues and our religious freedom of tremendous importance and thank you for frequently stepping into the line of fire to do what’s right. Thanks also for the great Christmas Cards every year, kind regards, Anric Blatt

  • Lamarre Notargiacomo says:

    Thank you Foster, for sharing this video. It is very moving and clearly shows that Donald Trump is a man of compassion and that he does not treat people differently because of the color of their skin or their heritage. Donald Trump has been looking out for America for decades. I have seen several interviews where he was asked if he would consider running for president. His response was, “I like what I do and I do not want to run for president. However, if someone doesn’t step up to the plate and take care of the American people/workers, I wouldn’t rule it out.” Here is his interview with Oprah in 1988.

  • Douglas Layton says:

    FOSTER – This is brilliant except for one thing – very few people will ever see it just as they will never see your brilliant comments on the “Mexican Judge”. These types of things need to be turned into 30 second TV spots and aired nationally and repeatedly or they will have little effect on the outcome in November.

    The same concept should be used to repudiate all attacks on Trump regarding bigotry and racism.

    Use Muslims like Tawfik Hamid in A TV ad on the Islamic issue (6 Reasons Trump is right). Use Hispanics like those you mentioned in your last post -in a 30 second TV ad.

    Let the people speak for Trump rather than him trying to defend himself, which he does very inadequately most of the time.

    The accusation of bigotry is the only thing that will sink the Trump ship – we must change the narrative!



  • Dan Clarke says:

    Hi Foster and thanks for the new look. The behavior of our leaders and citizens has been shameful during this election cycle. Since the tragedy in Dallas, it has become clear just how afraid (even terrified) many of us have become. It is time now to begin to work together again… so that ALL us of learn to take care of EACH of us. Let’s have no more of this “politically correct” propaganda and agree that we can make better leadership decisions if we talk to one another (often) and forget fraudulent opinion polls and scripted news coverage. Blessings on us all.

  • rjohn says:

    As a hotel manager with many former and current associates who have worked in the Trump organization, I can assure you that for every individual who can say that they have had a positive experience working for the Trump organization, there are two dozen who will disagree. Donald Trump is the perfect example of why political correctness is needed and essential for civility. Moreover don’t be fooled. He is a far from a true Christian as you can get.

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