Donald Trump benefits dramatically from the fact that now even people left of center and the media realize the corruptness of the Clinton machine.  Polls show that 56% of Americans disapprove of her ability to escape the consequences of what Everyday Americans would not.

The government sentenced Bryan Nishimura, for moving classified materials to his private server, and just like Hillary Clinton, had no intent to divulge, to two years of probation and hit him with a $7,500 fine. They revoked Nishimura’s security clearance and he can never again seek a clearance. Link below…

What are General Petraeus and Martha Stewart thinking today?
Bryan Nishimura’s Story

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  • Thanks Foster. “God is never so happy as when his children are at play” is a phrase I use with my golf students. Children have the right to say what they think. The right to expect fairness. The right to hear the truth. The actions of people associated with the current have been tragically violent. Their denial of their actions defines their poor character. I hope to God their betrayal can end on November 8. Blessings on us all.

  • Priscilla Travis says:

    She lies as easily as she talks. That always amazes me with people. The only one I’ve ever seen worse doing that is Obama. We have treated him like a king, as he came in with an agenda to destroy us, and has tried to on every level known to us as good in our society. I don’t know why he hates America so much, but that is how he was brought up, from those countries that he HAS allegiance to, that hate us too. But what is the MOST devastating thing I have heard from Hillary Clinton recently, is that she ACTUALLY SAID, “Christians are going to have to change to accept abortion!” She is actually saying that we are going to have to change the Bible to accept the murder of baby children, for the convenience of some women! Have you seen pictures of the baby’s body parts in a bloody bedpan that have been pulled apart (legs and arms and heads and torsos), from LIVING BABIES that feel the torturous, sadistic PAIN inside their mother as they are being pulled apart alive? They have pictures now of babies in the womb silently screaming in their faces as this is being done to them. And this demon-woman wants us to ACCEPT THIS, and CHANGE THE BIBLE, TOO!

  • Hans says:

    If she had been punished, for what she did, who would the DNC have as a nominee for presidential canadate. Pressure, a great deal of pressure, was put on someone. Democrates could not come up with someone that quickly. Have to let her loose. That’s Democratic politics!

  • Tucker Andersen says:

    Agree with you Foster. The Dems have praised Comey extensively, they will have trouble raging with his assessment, and with Hillary lying about it on Fox it makes her vulnerable to once again being labeled a liar. Even WAPO , which is desperate to have her elected and apoplectic about Trump, had to give her four Pinocchios.

    This avoids the obvious trap that Newt and the House fell into when they impeached Bill and rallied the Dems and Fems to his side. The debate became about whether his actions deserved conviction by the Senate, not about condemning him which practically every major media outlet had been doing. Now, there cannot be any distraction about whether an indictment is deserved. Come stated that she lied and jeopardized our nations security.

  • I also believe there was a higher bar with Clinton as the target. That’s not to say that Comey succumbed to political pressure, as he insists he did not. But a decision to indict Clinton would have knocked her out of the presidential race. In that kind of circumstance, a close call goes to the high-profile target. It’s no accident that Comey front-loaded his remarks with paragraph after paragraph of criticism before announcing that Clinton would not be charged.

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