Trump’s “Humility Attack” makes below article more relevant

So many have remarked how the article gave them a different slant on his candidacy and have moved from, “I’m staying at home,” to joining in the efforts to stave off the “?more? Horrors of Socialism” by voting for him after all.

I hope you will disseminate this to as many as possible, particularly those evangelical church groups. Our challenge is to ponder the three ways of looking at the election:

  1. Some people want to focus on the candidates’ past actions or statements, etc., etc.
  2.  Others want to focus on the candidates’ characters or personalities, etc., etc.
  3. Ideally, we need to shift our focus to what the candidates’ policies will be and the impact of those policies on our lives, such as upholding the Constitution and strengthening our borders.

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Donald Trump’s journey of change should comfort evangelicals

History is the struggle of imperfect people to try to do the right thing

Washington Times illustration

Illustration on the spiritual journey of Donald Trump by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

By Foster Friess – – Monday, July 18, 2016


Why are evangelicals voting for Donald Trump?

A reporter asked me if, before concluding to support Donald Trump, I grappled with the same concerns expressed to him by a principled evangelical Christian woman. She worried about the moral example Donald Trump is setting for young people.

My response: Remind your born-again friend, that all through history, God has harnessed imperfect people to fulfill His perfect will. Saul of Tarsus spent most of his life killing people whose beliefs he rejected but then became the No. 1 salesman for the loving things Jesus wanted to see happen in our fallen world. Saul definitely would have won all the incentive trips to Hawaii.

King David sent Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah, off to the front lines in hopes he would be killed so David could play cozy with the guy’s wife. David, an imperfect but powerful king, stated repeatedly that he loved God’s statutes and openly acknowledged his wrong when prophet Nathan confronted him. (Check out Psalm 51). David’s unwavering faith in God, from the time he was a shepherd boy, inspired him to establish Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Joseph counseled Pharaoh and Daniel advised four nasty kings.

Did they struggle with their role and their support of these leaders? Perhaps.

Donald Trump does not smoke or drink and as a father, led his impressive kids to follow suit. My wife Lynn and I spent some time with Bill Clinton at Muhammad Ali’s memorial service and his upbeat vivaciousness is worth emulating. Every day we should embrace Philippians 4:8: “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — dwell on such things.”

Your evangelical Christian friend who expressed her concerns already knows that Jesus is the ultimate role model for all of us. She makes sure her kids emulate his forgiveness, servanthood and love for others despite how others so often disappoint.

Jesus exhorts us each day to be a channel of His love to others, His hands and feet in a hurting world and a blessing to every person He puts in our path. We are our brother’s keeper.

God blessed me with significant success, partly because I harnessed people’s strengths and pretty much ignored their weaknesses. I evaluated people not so much on their pasts or where they are today, but on what they could become. We all are on a journey of change.

At Muhammad Ali’s service, some said he was the most revered person on the planet. We met people as diverse as the former president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, former President Bill Clinton, Spike Lee and Katie Couric. Several years ago, Ali honored me, a white born-again Christian, with his Muhammad Ali Humanitarian of the Year award and welcomed me to his home. He was also best friends with Billy Crystal, an Orthodox Jew. As a younger man, Ali expressed thoughts about whites some considered racist.

He changed. You and I are changing, and so is Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump’s willingness to express views, at times clumsily, that the Everyday Man embraces brings previously Democratic voters — welders, plumbers, hospitality workers, farmers and truck drivers — to make him perhaps a “bipartisan” president.

I do believe Donald Trump truly loves America and all it stands for. His courage of expressing what he believes is best for America caused Universal Studios, Univision and Macy’s to sever business ties with him. The price he is paying and the attacks from establishment Republicans seem to only add to his growing stature as a “folk hero.”

Your born-again friend should love Donald Trump’s statement, “We need to end the war against Christianity” and take comfort that he would never force the Little Sisters of the Poor to pass out abortion pills. It encourages me that just maybe, he sees Jesus in the people to whom he is attracted: Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, my close friend, evangelist James Robison and now Mike Pence, all fans of that famous carpenter of 2,000 years ago.

Tell her she should have great hope for a better America, including three Supreme Court justices more aligned with her vision for America, as indicated by the list of candidates he released, and a commitment that they be “Scalia-like.”

• Foster Friess founded Friess Associates, which grew to $15 billion in assets. He now promotes “Return to Civility” efforts.


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  • Dan Clarke says:

    Thanks again Foster. I fully support your “blossoming” vision of our leaders. Donald has become a different person as I’ve become more familiar with his point of view. I was wondering which leaders on the campaign trail had recently professed any heartfelt passion for America; my research shows that Donald has said “I truly love this country” and “I’ll fight for peace and opportunity for every American” almost anytime he speaks in public . These sentiments are the polar opposite of our globalist progressive liberals. Donald and his advisors know how dramatically Donald must change to win… he is committed to his new leadership demeanor.
    Importantly, this leaves his heart open to generoucity in immigration enforcement as it effects our Mexican-American communities. I’ve lived near border areas of the southwest all my life. Everyone can admire the hispanic sense of humility, love of America and family, work ethic, and thrift with their paychecks. Almost all their families have been blending into core American values for more than 100 years. Fillmore and Santa Paula, California serve as perfect examples of the best and worst of these important Americans. Blessings on us all

  • Dan Clarke says:

    Thank you Foster. People ALWAYS change as they become more enlightened. Mr. Trump’s strength comes from the courage to stand in the eye of the storm and provide for those surrounding him. Those who stand against him would have us believe that the GOP, and their nominee, offer too little… too late. They have fooled themselves; they don’t understand the America they should be serving and they don’t know the time has long past when they should have helped. Mr. Trump is coming to understand how he can lead us out of the divisive ideologies that haunt us. He is showing us that he has the personal courage to change, in anyway, to become the American President this country needs. Mr. Trump has had enough experience with opposition that he only needs to insult the INTENTIONS of those who cheat against us. He usually uses facts to add clarity to his opponent’s poor judgement. There WAS unethical behavior in play by a judge who was using political favors and hispanic bias to deny justice in court. There was a Muslim author who CHOSE to take a role in an obscene skit with the DCC. Mr. Trump had the courage to be repulsed by both. Too little too late?… then when? Blessings on us all.

  • Cy Gros says:

    Trump is, in my opinion, a far better candidate than Clinton. He is NOT, however, a King David. Nobody wants Hillary, and yet Trump cannot even beat her! Trump is loser and will lose this fall. There is a better Way than trying to put on a positive spin and rally around Trump. I have a more complete reply to send you, but cannot find an email or a way to private message you. I snail mailed a note and addressed it to the P.O. box on your LFRF Forward March page bottom. If you email me a contact, I would be happy to email back.

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