What affects you most, candidates behavior or his/her POLICIES? Voter Guide below

On the Maria Bartiromo program (8 min) the most relevant point is the importance of ceasing the distracting discussion of what she did and what he said and move instead to ask whose policies are in our own personal best interest.

Here is a voter guide received today from Ralph Reed, Founder and Chairman of Faith & Freedom Coalition:


The guide may not cover all your hot buttons, so list on the left side of a page of paper, what those are to you personally. Then to the right, in column two, write Donald Trump’s position and in column three, Hillary Clinton’s positions.
Let’s encourage our friends to do the same so we can remove the uncivil nastiness of emphasizing candidates’ personal behavior which will not affect our lives compared to the policies implemented.

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  • Dan Clarke says:

    Thank you Foster! I’m 72 years old and recovering from knee surgery… neither of which I enjoy! In 2007 events occurred which were originated with an illegal, lame duck, repeal of a singular banking bill and WJC began to cripple our economy. As a consequence I lost my golf shop which was the dream job that I’d planned as my supplemental retirement income. Judy and I lost our home because I also lost my existing real estate job. In trying to get back on my feet I was downsized out of one job and dismissed from another. We went bankrupt and I became clinically depressed. Obama should apologize to all Americans who went my way and couldn’t apply for assistance… Usually because SS payments create too much income to qualify for help (even food stamps!). God bless you sir and please stay in our future. Blessings on us all. Dan Clarke

  • Dan Clarke says:

    Thank you Foster- We are not in a celebrity contest. Donald must rise above personal insults. HRC must come out of hiding. Both should present detailed policy positions; not deceptive wish lists. Donald will survive if he can name the accomplished people who will help him lead America out of the swamp we’re in. The shambles of Obamacare deserve another look because of the 29 hour work week. How can young families survive on less then 3 jobs to barely sustain the household. What are the true employment figures when there are 3 shifts (90 hrs.) covering 2 shifts (80 hrs.) of work? What is the true impact of Obamacare on America when no one can afford it (by law??). Donald must respect his millions of supporters and abandon his deadly distractions. We admire his courage… we need to admire his substance. God bless us all.

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