How many women, while publicly bashing Trump, secretly share the sentiments expressed by the intelligent, secure and assertive Sam (Samantha) Sorbo?

She is the wife of macho muscle man, Hollywood talent, Kevin Sorbo who was Hercules for twelve years and recently lead role in “God is Not Dead.”

Suggest you only forward on to women who are capable of sorting out the issues Sam stresses as Sexism, which is still very much alive as evidenced by President Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeline Albright who said, “There is a special place in Hell reserved for women who do not help other women.”

We need to recognize some women’s personal self esteem is inextricably linked to a Hillary Clinton presidency so that they are incapable of perceiving their own self interests:

  • Keeping their healthcare out of government hands
  • Education freedom for their kids
  • Achieving security from the threat of global jihadism
  • Preserving the right to protect their lives and lives of their family by continued gun ownership
  • Creating a vibrant employment environment by reducing burdensome regulations and taxation and trade policies
  • Restoring their religious liberties
  • Return of the Rule of Law, and
  • Appointing judges who honor the genius of the Constitution our Founding Fathers gave us.
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  • Kimberly GIENKO says:

    I would never bash Donald, but I am happy to bash Hillary.

    Wake up Hillary! Women have more rights than men. Where have you been Hillary ? Under a rock.
    Guess what Hillary . . Women even have the right to run for President .
    Unless of course they are found guilty of breaking the law.

    I know way too much about Hillary and her days as a teenager growing up in Park Ridge IL, thanks to my dearest Aunt. By the way, Hillary was not raised on a farm either.

  • Marius Forte says:

    There is a special place in hell reserved for stupid liars,…like Hillary. And if you side with evil you are part of it. Anyone who loves this country and understands what it truly stands for could not ever contemplate voting for an enemy of freedom. This is probably the simplest choice we ever faced. And Sam stands proudly on the side of the truth, freedom and the America we all love.

  • On The Issue Of Sex – Get Over It

    That Eisenhower, Franklin Roosevelt, Warren Harding, Woodrow Wilson, James Garfield, Lyndon Johnson, Grover Cleveland, James Buchannan and even the venerable George Washington had affairs in office is history.

    John F. Kennedy was one of the biggest philanders that ever occupied the White House. But he knew how to grope and philander with discretion. It is one of the reasons he was so popular. He was a rascal, but he was a “classy” rascal. Ahhh… if Trump were only a bit classier we could love him.

    As for the accusations of Trump groping, the French would opine, “He groped a woman – so, what’s the point? Vive la différence!” We are not the French and all this sexually related scandal bothers us, as it rightly should. But, there are bigger issues to consider.

    Recently, Newt Gingrich rightly pointed out that “supposed” conservative Fox News analyst Megan Kelly is “fascinated with sex.” She was aghast at the accusation and then honed in on what is obviously, to her, the most important issue of the election – SEX.

    She is not alone in her fascination. The media spends countless hours talking about sex while “lesser” issues, such as the criminal acts of Hillary are mentioned briefly, if at all. There have been many discussions about women in this election. All women should ask this, “Do I, a woman, want the first woman President of the United States to be a criminal?” It is as simple as that.

    That Donald Trump has issues concerning women is not a matter for debate. He has been married three times and the subject of publically aired affairs. As for these Jack-in-the-Box accusers, who suddenly popped up with real or “trumped up” charges, he may well be innocent of any actual wrongdoing. Who knows? We know now that “rally violence” was not his but Hillary’s doing through paid professional rabble-rousers. It is certainly not beneath her to set him up again for accusations that have no basis in fact.

    Our preoccupation with sex makes us the laughing stock of the world. I was in Damascus, Syria when Bill Clinton was being impeached for “not having sex” with Monica. One young Syrian lady asked me, “Are all American men like him?” She was not so much concerned as curious. What concerned her more was the future of her and her child. The President of Kurdistan (a friend of mine in a region where I have worked for 25 years) renamed the favored vehicle of the region (the Toyota Land Cruiser), “Monica” because of the big headlights. The President of Kurdistan is not concerned about Trump’s misadventures. He is worried that his people will not have the support of America to defeat ISIS and care for the more than 2 million refugees now residing in his already stressed nation.

    For much of the world, our fascination with sex is absurd. They are more concerned about what America is going to do about ISIS and terror and an out of control Muslim immigration surge to the shores of the Western world. We should be too.

    Dr. Douglas Layton

  • calle says:

    Hard work, honesty and integrity no longer count in America (USA) ,as only power, control graft and corruption count.
    Sex sells in the US because Hollywood has pushed it.

    Video games reign supreme as they lull us into thinking we are smart.
    Where are the problem solving children? Where are the young who know how to think Critically?

    The young men who fought in WW11 were strong because they ate out of mommas gardens.

    Unless some really strong, forth right, honest people step forward are doomed.

    Women like Hillary Clinton make me want to vomit. She is corrupt, she is evil and she is only after power, control and money.
    All planned long ago and we were too busy with living through our kids, watching sports, and seeking pleasure.

    Sad, just so sad, what our parents, grandparents and great-grand parents worked so hard for we have squandered.

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