Most impressive campaign ad I recall viewing

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  • frank nahigian says:

    This demonstrates he’s on exactly the same page the electorate is. More important,
    we know he means it; it’s not just election time blather.

  • It is very good. However, it is not really an ad i.e. 30 seconds that could be shown thousands of times on TV . Let’s hope the video goes viral.

    Trump needs an ad to counter what is not Hillary’s most powerful and frequently shown. It portrays Trump mocking the disabled and cursing, etc, while children watch and ends with “Our Children Are Watching. I live in Florida and know a number of people who will not vote for Trump because of this ad which I believe is more effective than one detailing the policies that will set America on the right path. Sad – but true.

    I wanted to see an ad with children gathered around the TV watching Hillary lie and depicting the vast number of scandals she is involved including lying to Congress and contradicting Comey’s statements about her emails. It would also depict the terror – the illegal immigrants, the poverty in the inner cities, the violence with Hillary at the helm. End with “YES HILLARY – THE CHILDREN ARE WATCHING – THERE FUTURE IS AT STAKE.”

    Just a thought – but probably too late.

    Dr Douglas Layton

  • kimberly gienko says:

    I pray God protects Donald Trump.
    He is America’s Superhero !

  • Hugh Duncan says:

    An powerful and outstanding presentation. It is regrettable that this was not the template for his campaign. The campaign was eaten up by comments about a Federal Judge on the Trump University case; a week-long tirade about a former Miss Universe; his tax returns; his inability to take a pass on responding to every criticism; provocative sexual remarks; disparaging criticisms of his primary opponents; comments about Mexicans; and so on. Had he not taken on the negatives, and confined himself to a positive message — as here — it would have been a very different campaign, and probably a different result. The Donald Trump in this ad could have been elected, and instead, we may have as president a corrupt Democrat up to her ears in debt to the establishment.

  • sandy says:

    What a powerful message.

  • David Outten says:

    As Trump has discussed before, a massive bubble could pop soon. It could be timed by Trump’s enemies to keep him from cleaning up Washington. Are the American people preparred to help neighbors in need or will we demand that elites in government become our “caretakers”?

  • Tom Smith says:

    Foster, aren’t you part of the “Establishment”? Your success was due in large part in working with Wall Street types.

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