Regardless of who wins tonight

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You and I have a huge opportunity….and opportunity to return Civility, Honesty, Decency and the Return of the Rule of Law to this nation we love. Our hearts should be broken by what breaks God’s heart.  How sad He must be to see the political, cultural and spiritual state of America.

As I point my finger at the mainstream media, corrupt politicians, and/or Hollywood, I notice the three bottom fingers pointing back at me. What have I done to preserve the qualities and values that have made America such an exceptional, cherished and admired country?

I have an idea—a vision. Cicero said, “Criticize by creating.” I need your counsel and wisdom to know if it is possible and if you would devote a fraction of your life…..your time, your resources…. to help create a powerful influence group that would shepherd back the values mentioned above.

Here is the vision:

Create through mainly social media….emails, tweets, Facebook….augmented by television and newspaper advertisements and a speakers’ bureau….. a well-researched, documented flow of information delivered through one unified channel…..Let’s call it “Express Riders.”


There are a huge numbers of individual lists, each comprised of many Americans which could be coalesced into one megaphone of information.

How many contacts on your list alone? Would you commit to be an Express Rider and forward emails sent to you from Express Rider Headquarters unless you strongly disagreed with the content?

Express Rider Headquarters could deploy a team of investigative journalists to ferret out demagoguery and deception as well as discover original information mainstream media does not have the bandwidth to cover because forest fire, plane crash, earthquake and flood news crowds that important info out.

We all are inundated with so much information, Express Riders could sift out the most important and disseminate sparingly….two/three times a week, more or less, but have a website people could search for issues important to them….healthcare, education, climate change, immigration, global jihad, as well as military, political and judicial developments.

This video in which President Obama seems to condone voting by non-citizens inspired this email to you:

Notice Gina Rodriquez posited that many illegals, which she calls citizens, “because they contribute to our country,” are afraid to vote for fear they will be reported to immigration authorities.

She then asked, “Will immigration authorities come after me if “I” vote…….” She morphed the question by using “I” rather than “if illegals” vote. Obama correctly answered, “No they will not come after “you” because you are a citizen.” He then correctly added voter records do not get turned over to immigration authorities. He reasonably encouraged her to vote in order to be a voice for those who cannot vote because they are not citizens.

Most observers would perceive her original question of if “I” vote to mean if she as one of these“non-citizens” (or “citizens because they contribute” by her definition) were to vote rather than literally if “she” were to vote. Listeners could interpret President Obama’s intent was to communicate…..if you are a non-citizen and vote, no one is going to track you down.

He should have said, “First, let me be extremely clear on this point: If you are not a citizen, you cannot vote. If you do vote, yes, you will be prosecuted because you are breaking the law.”

Does the lack of clarity send a signal that if you are not a citizen and vote that would be just fine? Why is this lack of clarity important?

The Public Interest Legal Foundation documents, with specific names, more than one thousand aliens on the voter rolls in just eight Virginia counties alone, not including the behemoths of Arlington and Fairfax Counties.

The below video of  “Who is Huma Abedin?” and the second video of President Bill Clinton’s immigration speech are other examples of how Express Riders could play a role.

In the 75-second President Clinton speech, doesn’t it raise the question of integrity, honesty and decency, where Donald Trump is nastily labeled as racist for saying the exact same thing for which President Clinton received a standing ovation from every Senator and Congressmen in the United States.

God does not honor such duplicity…..neither should we.

Click here to see Democratic operatives caught on hidden camera boasting of hiring mentally disabled and thugs to provoke Trump supporters to violence with the coordination of the Democratic National Party and the Hillary Clinton Campaign. (Video contains graphic language.)

Then add the Clinton Foundation paying for Chelsea’s wedding.

Then add 33,000 destroyed emails after being subpoenaed by Congress.

The Comey non-indictment.

The sale of 20% of U.S. uranium leases to the Russians.

Regardless of who wins Tuesday I plan to carve out 30% of my golfing, hunting and fishing time to restoring Civility, Honesty, Integrity, Decency, Kindness and The Rule of Law to our beloved nation.

Will you help me?

I want to create a climate in our country that those of us who want our nation to be one of laws rather than capricious inclinations of whoever is charge, not to be labeled as racial bigots.

Decency and honesty demand this.

If you want to send a signal for me to pursue this vision, I need to hear from you. Email me: or comment below.

Foster FriessGod bless you and God Bless our Nation,





  • Rich Travis says:

    Gob bless you for being strong enough to take this on

  • Jeff Heindel says:

    We need a source that is true journalism and not personal preference, power,or prestige!

  • Dear Foster,
    Now that Donald Trump has been elected President tonight, we have a unique opportunity to effect some lasting change. I look forward to working for you as a volunteer to help implement needed changes in our immigration practices, health care, and the like. Thank you for your continued advocacy, education, and friendship!.

    Also for supporting Donald Trump, the sinner & the statesman.

  • Richard says:

    God has given Americans another opportunity to repent and start the path to returning His order to this great land. Thank you Foster for leading a charge to reistablish His order and seeking His council. God bless the express riders.

  • John Derning says:

    Most interesting. But this information is already known. There are units of the federal and local governments who deal with the noted problems. I think your idea is good, but I think, with our new president, who has stated his desire to fight the problems above, that he be given the opportunity to direct, use governmental/public sources, possibly already existing but needing heavy attention, to pursue these problems nationally and internationally. I do not expect his efforts in these areas to fail.

    I am very aware of what it takes in an investigative world, to develop the sources and direction of remedies. Should the new leadership fail in this, I would be MOST interested in offering and working with an alternative.

  • Dan Clarke says:

    Thank you Foster, It has been a pleasure to work with you these past several months. Your vision has helped me maintain composure when debating the future of the USA with pro-HRC Americans. Many of us woke up Wednesday morning knowing the world had shifted again. Many of us woke up knowing that the real work is just beginning. I’d be proud to work beside you to get about the business of a faith driven plan for the future of America. Foremost in my interests is providing a new vision of American Liberty for our children. I have knowledge about Mohave County and Yavapai County in Arizona. I’ve worked with Bob Stump, Dennis DeConcini, John McCain, Fyfe Symington, John Hays, Roy Dunton, Jerry Holt, and Don Aldridge. I’m familiar with first responder organization and funding. I’m focused on law enforcement and protecting those who can’t protect themselves. Blessings on us… Let’s saddle up!!

  • Shirley Burgess says:

    I like what you are saying. I have been thinking along the same lines.

  • R.C. Slocum says:

    Foster, I really appreciate your efforts to make things better in our country. I am especially concerned in the area of respect for each other and the application of the “Golden Rule”. I spent most of my life involved with teams, either as player or as a coach. Having respect for each other is a hallmark of the good teams that I have known. As a child in Sunday school, we would sing the song “Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World”, Red and yellow, black and white, They are precious in his sight. Dr. Martin Luther KIng addressed this in another way in one of his speeches, he said that he “looked forward to the day when a man would not be judged by the color of his skin but by the content of his character.” My concern is that so long as we keep talking about black lives matter, white cops, black cops, Hispanic this, and Asian that; we will never get to the place Dr. King was referring to in his speech. Why can’t we start talking about good action, bad action, good choice, bad choice, good guy, bad guy, good cop, bad cop, etc, and leave the color out of it. One of the great moments in my coaching career was in 1998 when Texas A&M played #1 ranked Kansas State for the Big 12 Championship in St. Louis. After a hard fought, double over-time victory, the Championship Trophy was brought to our locker room and presented to me. It was a beautiful big bowl. I immediately asked all of the players to gather around and raise the trophy high about their heads. In that picture holding the Championship Trophy

    were white hands, black hands, my Vietnamese linebacker Dat Nguyen had his hands on it and well as Tongan lineman Semisi Heimuli . I pointed out to them that this is what happens when people from many different backgrounds work together. You can be champions and good things happen. Without working together, nothing good happens. TEAM is an acronym for Together, Each Achieves More. This would be a great motto for our country.

  • Foster,
    When we look at flowers and animals, those created less than humans, we see God’s glory. It is time color not be part of the American spectrum except for red, white and blue.
    We must simply judge as a nation of laws, the Good Book and human decency.
    Job performance review is good enough for American companies, it ought to be good enough for our Congress.
    It is time we joined together. It is time we TERM LIMIT Congress too because THEY will not job review themselves.
    Thank you for your great and patriotic efforts.

    Armadillo Jim

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