“We support and commend President Trump for following through on his campaign pledge to protect the American people by stemming migration into this country from high-risk places posing a security threat to America and Americans. Beyond doubt, it is the first and most important duty of a President, or any leader, to protect the lives of a country’s citizens, especially where a possibility exists of terrorists being embedded within a particular immigration flow.

“Securing a country’s borders until a more fool-proof method of vetting is established is unassailable and vital, especially in light of how in Europe and here in America lax vetting has resulted in horrendous explosions and deaths of dozens of innocent people as seen, for example, in Orlando, St. Bernardino, Columbus, Paris, Nice, Berlin, Boston, and Barcelona, as well as other places infiltrated by terrorist plants within certain immigrant groups.  Some unvetted or poorly vetted migrants or their offspring may possess ideological and religious hostility to Americans and our way of life and our laws. Saving lives of American citizens is a religious, historic and civic duty.

“There is no parallel between the Jews who fled Europe in the 1930s, who were, as Jews, specific targets for death and Nazi concentration camps, and many today wishing to escape civil war and turmoil in their Mideast countries. There were no Nazi agents embedded within the fleeing Jews nor did any of the Jews harbor a cultural or religious ideology wishing to sew physical destruction on the American people. There were no rabbis in the 1930s sending forth commands worldwide to destroy the ‘infidels’.

“Many initial roll-outs are subject to some confusion and mishaps; however, we believe that protecting a country’s borders and thereby its citizens is an age-old and reasonable imperative as demonstrated in Scripture, which warns of the need to be wary ‘Lest those that may be your enemy enter your domain and become thorns in your sides and pins in your eyes’.

“Hopefully the situation will one day change, but until then, we applaud President Trump for doing what is in the best interests of the American people.”

Rabbi Aryeh Spero is a spokesperson for Jews for America


Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries not named by President Obama may have been because of confidence President Obama had in these governments to sort the good guys from the bad guys. Al-Sisi in Egypt and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia like America.  By contrast al-Bashir, head of Sudan, last week locked up Christian pastors for as much as 20 years. Leave your Bible home if you travel there.Opponents of President Trump ask ….How many Americans have been killed here from these seven countries? That was not the criteria which caused President Obama to designate them.

The attack on President Trump for naming the same countries President Obama selected is one more example of the those on the Left losing their minds. Senators boycotting important Cabinet vettings, masked black-clad Berkeley “protesters” burning cars and inflicting $100,000 damage and Senator Al Franken’s vetting comments on Attorney General nominee Sessions are other examples.

Franken embarrassed Democratic colleagues who had to listen to his rant that Sessions did not ‘lead” the four civil rights cases but only provided office space and secretarial support in moving the cases along…..Franken’s comments came from something that happened 30 years ago!

Session’s helped those cases. He did not hinder them. Everyday Democrats are abandoning the leadership that subverted the traditional Democratic compassion for “the little guy,” which Donald Trump has now won over……welders, farmers, truck drivers and others of the 70% who do not have college educations, are drawn to him.  Looks like the union leaders enjoyed their Oval Office visit as well.

When Everyday Democrats see the compassion in the GOP health plan and how it rescues them from the Government Driven Affordable Care Act (ACA) the exodus will accelerate.

Most Democrats cherish a tradition of Patient Driven vs. Government Driven health care.

God Bless, 

Let’s all of us promote Civility.

Together We’ll Get There!

Foster Friess

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  • Jay Malthaner says:

    Dear Foster

    I have nothing but complete agreement with the Rabbi’s letter and your Theme of Civility. I truly believe the only option to all this is fervent and effective prayer. This war of words has potential to escalate into anarchy and the demise of our God given Republic. We know the words of our Lord and Saviour: ” Forgive as they know not what they do”. I am afraid this applies to all of us including myself as we try to defend our President and open the eyes of perceived enemies.

    I take heart that there are people like yourself who , as Christians, are willing to be a voice of Civility and present perspective that helps diffuse angry emotions and irrational thinking . God is Sovereign and has His eye on the Sparrow. May He be trusted and exalted.

    His Mercies are New each Day.

    Jay Malthaner

  • Kimberly Gienko says:

    I agree with the Rabbi Spero’s perspective completely.

    Last March I interviewed border agents at the Mexican border.
    I crossed 6 different times in one month to observe exactly what was going on at the Sonoyta border.
    They showed me films they had taken of Mexicans carrying backpacks loaded with heroine and
    that was only the beginning.

    Border agents were told to stand down and allow miles of cars loaded with young men and women through the border with only a driver’s license or student
    identification. It was horrifying.
    Some border agents quit their jobs.

    A proper vetting process and protecting our borders should be standard procedure, but we have a lot of work to get there. I appreciate and agree with Rabbi’s perspective, and the great example of Israel’s enormous amount of work to protect themselves against many harmful neighbors.

  • Dan Clarke says:

    Thank you Foster,
    Rabbi Spero highlights the problems that follow when the justice system elects to abandon the law. The 9th Circuit has been steadfast in liberalizing any issue it can oversee. The are a long standing example of the followers of the radical liberal agenda: disinform, distract, deceive, destroy. We see their bad behavior daily on campuses, in the courthouse, at contrived protests, and in our congress. We have laws in place that are meant to protect Americans from every sort of physical and emotional insult. Lawbreakers should suffer consequences. Violence brought upon innocent Americans is note free speech. Elected leaders who can’t live up to their oath of office should be impeached. Civil society needs to follow the law if there is to be progress for our society and liberty for our children. Blessings on us all


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