Should Foster run for Wyoming’s U.S. Senate seat?

By November 9, 2017 21 Comments

In this BuzzFeed News article by Tarini Parti, Foster explains why he contemplates challenging Wyoming Senator John Barrasso.

The success of Foster’s two projects will influence his decision. Will he be more successful in or out of the senate?

  • PatientsUSA influences Congress to pass legislation that requires “all providers of health care products and services to publish prices.”
  • His “Return to Civility” campaign encourages going out for coffee with someone with whom you disagree and confronting nastiness, lies and demagoguery.

The recent betrayal of our Kurdish allies; the questions of corruption surrounding Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approving sale of 20% of U.S. uranium to the Russians and proceeds of big bank fines going to left wing groups and private citizens also nudge him toward the decision to run.

*Tarini Parti is a politics reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Washington, DC.

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  • Terry Parker says:

    Absolutely. Foster would make a great Senator. I hope he runs.

  • Foster Hamilton says:

    Foster, you have witnessed, commented on and tried to change the course of the Washington rat race for many years. If there is ever a more qualified, understanding, decent and caring person more than yourself to fill any congressional or senate seat I am unaware. You will do great things! My only regret is that Im not a WY resident and can’t submit a vote for you, but I will be supportive if you decide to run!

  • Ernie Audino says:

    Run, Foster, run! The return of principled leadership!

  • Robert Hobbs Sr. says:

    Foster, you should run! If you do Karen and I️ will hold a fundraiser event in Paradise Valley for your campaign. GO FOR IT! Bob Hobbs Sr.

  • Michael Isaacs says:

    Do NOT Run! Youre more valuable outside the swamp influencing the electorate. The swamp is real and harden beyond imagination, nothing short of a Convention of States will change the last 75 years of internal control. The elected guys are merely just passing through town. We need our own permanent state changing hearts and minds from the outside. Imo

  • Rob kenney says:

    Yes definitely we need him there!

  • Clarke Adamd says:

    We should talk about the Kurds. Not sure you are on the right path on this one.

  • Meredith Iler says:

    Absolutely, Foster needs to run! We need common sense business leaders in the Senate who are not career politicians!!! I had the privilege of getting to know Foster when my former husband was elected to Congress in 1994. The beauty of the 1994 class is most were committed to common sense reform, term limits, and applying their private sector experience to the real problems of this country. We finally have the House, Senate and the White House yet no one leading to get things done. Foster has a unique way to make hard problems simple and expose corruption without saying a word. Please run, Foster!!

  • Foster, I really like your two projects. I believe strongly that all providers of health care services and products should be required to publish prices. This would infuse more competition into the health care market and should drive down prices. I also love the “Return to Civility” campaign. We need this more than ever in our politics and in our society. If you are able to have greater influence in regards to these two things, by being a senator and God is saying to your heart this is what you are to do, then please bring more civility to Washington and become a U.S. Senator.

  • Don Parks JR. says:

    Yes! Run Brother Run!

  • Ed says:

    NO, his comments on the Laura L show Thursday were anything but civil!

  • Daryl Hunter says:

    Although Foster would be better than most in Washington, including Senator Barrasso, I feel that it risks much of the goodwill towards Foster in the state, considering Barrasso’s high approval numbers, I think bad will would be the only result. Liz generated lots of enemies when she challenged a Enzi, had she waited for an open seat I believe she would be more popular in Wyoming today. I would have loved to see Liz in Enzi’s seat. Enzi and Barrasso are largely good; however, after three terms, senators always seem to go Washington as has, McCain and Orin Hatch.

    With the new tax plan many RINOs will be slayed in 2018, maybe the time could be right?

  • robert stack says:

    He should run for sure!

  • Bill Stewart says:

    Foster would offer a desperately needed breath of fresh air in today’s moribund, Do Nothing Congress and Senate. Their collective ineptitude, self interest and gross failure to meet their sworn obligation, “…that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”, as duly elected officials of the United States, is an absolute outrage and insult to our Nation! Their gross failure imperils the very existence of the United States of America.
    The essence of truly representative democracy demands that its best and brightest step forward from the private sector, for the greater good of the Country, to serve solely in its best interest. Were that the case today, as it has been in times past, underlying differences of opinion among representatives notwithstanding, our Country would constructively advance, without being handcuffed by derisive media agendas and being hijacked by the vocal minority, whomever they contend to represent.
    We desperately need term limits for members of both Congress and Senate. It would encourage our best and brightest, like Foster, to briefly step out of the private sector, serve our Country and return to their private lives. It would enable them to immediately hold strong Committee positions without the prerequisite of time-in-grade being the quintessential measure of merit afforded to career politicians.
    The public’s issue with our current “representation” is less about differences of opinion among various factions than it is about Representatives pursuing self interested, personal agendas. Absent the perpetual necessity of the career politicians’ requirement to be re-elected, objectivity and the greater good of the Nation could truly be engaged. Our disgust with the rhetoric is not about differences of opinion which are inherent to debate. Rather, it’s that the content and outcome of the debate is not true to the greater good.
    Foster should step forward and leverage his deep spiritual, moral and intellectual leadership on the floor of the Senate. Our great Country would be all the better for his participation. Along the way, he could initiate his run with the premise that he is running for only one term and bend it in favor of carrying the torch for term limits.
    Along the way, I am confident that he could enlist support for term limits among the likes of Bill O’Reilly, Peggy Noonan, Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, John McCain and many, many others whose belief in the United States is the standard bearer for how they engage the issues of the day. Good luck!
    God Bless America.

  • Mary Barnes says:

    Absolutely – Foster would make a great representative for the state of Wy & the country in general. He would be the calm in the midst of the storm.

  • Tres Kleberg says:

    Absolutely, and admire your willingness to stand up to the negative opposition this will create on your self and family. We need leadership and support for the right in this country.

  • charles holley says:


  • Foster You Definitely need to run I was in CNP with you from 97 to 06 Bob Mcclellan God bless you

  • Karen Moore says:

    Foster, you are so qualified to run. I don’t think you should because of all the Evil that comes out of people you would least expect. You have such a Beautiful family as does President Trump. I would feel so hurt if they started to tear your Lovely wife Lynn and children apart as they have done to our First Lady and Family. I don’t understand how we got to place we are in today. College Students and Grade School children get out of school to March and burn up colleges!! I think we are both Thankful for our modest upbringing in Rice Lake. We had it all and didn’t realize all we had.

    If you decide to run I would be with you 100%. My Prayers are with you and your family on this very hard decision. God Bless you all.

  • Art C. says:

    America needs principled leadership and I think that Foster would add a more reasonable approach to the vitriol and venom of the current political climate. If I was a Wyoming resident, I’d vote for you.

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