Alabama Judge Blocks Illegal Immigration Measures

Says it’s still OK for police officers to ask for ID

Last month, U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn temporarily blocked Alabama’s new illegal immigration controls because she did not have enough time to review them.

Now, four weeks later, Blackburn has decided that police officers can determine the status of those they suspect to be illegal immigrants. In other words, they can do their jobs.

However, the judge blocked other measures in Alabama’s law.

“One provision created a civil action against employers who hired illegal immigrants over legal workers,” writes Stephen Dinan of the Washington Times. “Another banned illegal immigrants from applying for a job; one made it a crime to harbor an illegal immigrant; and the other prohibited businesses from claiming tax deductions on wages paid to illegal immigrants.”

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley plans to appeal the blocked provisions, but is still counting the decision as a victory in the fight against illegal immigration.

The fact that a judge’s ruling affirming the police’s right to ask for identification is considered a step in the right direction, just goes to show how far off base we have become.

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