$ 125,000 Matching Grant Opportunity for Water Missions International

New technology raises WMI to Best-in-Class worldwide, providing sustainable safe drinking water to those who need it.

As a partner of long-standing we endorse Water Missions International. These funds help them convert to a new technology that will allow enhanced efforts to prevent some of the 25,000 daily deaths caused by waterborne illness.

Water Missions International (WMI) is our partner of choice to solve one of the world’s greatest tragedies: dirty, unsafe drinking water.  Today 884 million people suffer with unsafe water that leaves them in poor health and unable to lift themselves to a better life.  WMI tackles this problem as a non-profit Christian engineering ministry providing low-cost sustainable safe water solutions to communities worldwide.

WMI was founded by my friends George Greene, III and his wife, Molly. In 1981, George and Molly bought a struggling waste water treatment laboratory and built it up to be the largest of its kind in the US.  They then sold this company and used the proceeds to found Water Missions International as a ministry to supply safe, ‘Living Water’ to the millions who lack it. When Hurricane Mitch lingered over Honduras in 1998, destroying the potable water resources, George was asked to offer a solution. He said to his engineers, “This isn’t rocket science; let’s get this done!”  They are still getting it done and now it’s our turn to help. I have been thrilled to know the Greene family and to see the impact they are making in the lives of many people as I’ve visited some of their facilities in Haiti right after the earthquake.

I met their son, George Greene, IV of WMI in Sri Lanka doing disaster relief after the Asian Tsunami. We currently work with them in Malawi, Africa and in Haiti as a Haiti Renewal Fund Partner. They have already supplied safe water to millions of people, but there is much, much more to be done.

We have an opportunity to raise Water Missions International to a new level as a world leader in the field. Through implementation of some cutting-edge technology known as Lifelink, a computer based payment system is installed in the community at the water access point and acts as a dispensing station for water.  The system allows water customers to purchase credit from WMI Water Agents.  That credit is loaded onto a Water Key.  Lifelink allows the customer to access safe water at a low cost by using this Water Key in the same way that people use an ATM card except that instead of cash, the customer receives water.  The data, finances and water consumption are tracked through cell phone technology that is incorporated in the Lifelink unit, allowing for real-time monitoring of the project status. This financial integrity and real-time control eliminates the weakest part of the system, community operation.

With your help, WMI will be the first NGO to implement this technology and believes it will open doors to partnerships with other funding sources to significantly increase the scale of WMI’s efforts. This investment will speed the process dramatically. More safe water systems in place will prevent some of the 25,000 daily deaths caused by waterborne illnesses. The problem is immense but WMI is solving it. Implementing new technology for greater long-term success provides resources to help more communities because internally-generated cash flow maintains existing systems.

Funding is needed to retrofit 15 projects in Uganda, Malawi and Indonesia as a full trial before proceeding with all new installations. Total budget for moving this trial forward is $700k with $200k secured to date.

I have committed to match gifts received by May 31, 2012 up to $125,000.  Please contribute now. Your gift will save lives.  Saving millions of people is good, but a billion are at risk.

For many receiving this, we have contributed to each other’s charities over time and I don’t send this with ‘quid-pro-quo’ expectations but just your strong desire to solve an awful and persisting problem. If this work touches your heart, please contribute directly to Water Missions International by clicking Friess Matching Grant. In line with George Greene’s can-do spirit, they are still getting it done and now it’s our turn to help.

To contribute please visit my.watermissions.org/friessmatch.

God Bless,

  1. Tom Blasingame

    Foster, thanks for giving me the opportunity to contribute to your water project.
    I unfortunately am subsisting only on Social Security and trying to continue my
    research on water-related electric generating equipment. There are some big
    questions now about whether the SS will even be available in the future. So I
    am not able to participate in your project although I would love to be able to. My suggestion would be that you might wish to contact Mr. T. Boone Pickens, since
    he has substantial interests in water holdings and the ability to participate if he
    wishes to. Good luck to you an all of your endeavors.

    Best regards,

    Tom Blasingame

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