Home Schooling Growing in Popularity

Where does everyone stand on this?

The Department of Education estimates that the number of home-schooled students has grown at about 7 percent a year for the past 10 years. More importantly, a recent study of 12,000 home-schooled students is showing a drastic advantage over kids in public schools. The Washington Times has the story.

This is a really interesting topic for discussion and I wonder if this trend is going to continue.

On the one hand, kids probably miss an important aspect of social development by not going to school. But that can probably be easily remedied by participation in sports or other activities. (Although, big government Virginia politicians just shot down a proposal for home-schooled students to participate in high school sports.)

I think as long as kids get that crucial social interaction with peers in one fashion or another, then home-schooling is a great way to go.

It’s far more efficient and kids won’t waste time sitting around day dreaming all day long. Parents can teach kids the values that they want to instill in them, not the values that school administrators feel are important.

Sure, they might miss out on resourcefulness-building exercises such as passing notes without getting caught, survival techniques like avoiding cooties, capitalism lessons such as trading snacks, and life-guidance games like MASH, but parents could compensate by letting kids learn at the pace that best suits them, and gear the education towards their child’s interests.

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