Obama Mocks Ryan for Trying to Address Budget Woes

Who’s the grown up?

Paul Ryan has worked hard to come up with some kind of plan to address America’s budget woes, and all the president does is mock him for it. Not only does President Obama fail to offer a tenable budget plan of his own, he can’t even provide an intelligent critique of Ryan’s budget—simply writing it off as “right wing extremism.”

But you can’t just go on tearing people down, you can’t just hide from reality by speaking in platitudes. If you keep hiding from stuff in the world, the world’s going to show up knocking at your front door one day. Maybe the American people will do that come November, and tell President Obama that after four years of excuses, they’re ready for a change.

Mike Rosen calls this a failure of leadership. Actually, he says President Obama is “a failure as a chief executive, a diplomat, an economic policymaker, a leader and certainly as a uniter.” Read his argument at the Denver Post (1.5 pages/654 words).

And check out this ad about President Obama’s record of making excuses for everything (1:28).

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