Paul Ryan: Trust the People, Not Government

Health care takeover is the defining issue of freedom, and of the 2012 election

The 2012 election is not just a contest between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, but a battle between two fundamentally opposite views of America:  A land of free people with a constitutionally limited government or a realm of individuals dependent on politicians with unlimited power.

And as Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan notes, “Perhaps no single issue crystallizes the choice before the American people and the contrast between the two parties more than health care.”

Obamacare, with its “unlimited power to force Americans to buy something,” will leave individuals increasingly passive and dependent on their government,” Ryan writes at The American Spectator.

The federal healthcare takeover will also reduce the quality of care, limit access to care, and explode the federal budget. Obamacare “raids Medicare by nearly $700 billion,” Ryan says.

Worse than the prohibitive cost of Obamacare is its absolute destruction of the notion of limited government in America—the idea that allowed America to prosper and the reason why people crossed oceans, risking their lives, to get here.

There is a U.S. Constitution that limits the powers of the federal government, but there is no founding document that curtails the powers of the people. But the Obama administration has turned the Constitution inside out, using it as carte blanche authority to do what it likes even over the objections of the people.

Check out Paul Ryan’s article—full of quality insights—at The American Spectator (about 2.5 pages).

  1. Cristian

    I hope people show up at DC. They have lost touch with rtlaiey and the finger pointing will begin with the increase in Premiums based on weight. I just saw on the news that part of the bill gives companies the right to charge a higher premium for being overweight. We should all be ideal weight, but discrimination will incite others to discriminate. For example, if my premium goes up for being over-weight, then shouldn’t a gay man pay higher premium for the increased HIV risk. Shouldn’t the person that lives in a drug dealers neighborhood pay more due to the high risk community they live in. Shouldn’t people that didn’t graduate from highschool pay more since they are less likely to have good paying jobs and more likely to engage in bad behaviors. How about people with more than one child and not sterilized? Shouldn’t they pay a higher premium due to the possibility of having more kids that will end up using gov. healthcare? Do you see how the finger pointing will take away each groups freedom one by one and play right into the governments hands. They want full control and we will help them get it by our outrage over discrimination. Instead of pointing fingers, lets not look to government for so many solutions. Does a person have the right to be gay, well, yes, they have that choice to make, don’t discriminate. However, don’t decide not to hire a heavy person because the health insurance premium will be higher. I hope it isn’t too late to stop this bill. People have no idea that by the time this administration is done, we will be well on our way to socialism and maybe even communism and will have little freedom to make our lifestyle choices and we will work for the government instead of for our famiilies.

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