Preferring No One, Any One, to the President?

Republicans rally around Mitt, Democrats divided on Barack

Maybe Kentuckians thought “Uncommitted” was the name of a thoroughbred when 42.1% of them checked that box on the Democratic primary ballot instead of President Obama’s. No matter: a good number of Blue Grass State Democrats would prefer anyone—maybe even a horse—over President Obama.

The trend is not good for the president. Just a few weeks ago, 40% of West Virginia Democratic primary voters choose a federal inmate over Barack Obama.

In Kentucky’s Republican primary yesterday, not even Mitt Romney’s flesh-and-blood ballot opponents got as many votes as “Uncommitted” did in the Democratic event, with Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich together taking about 26%.

What’s the “news analysis”—that is, the true version that doesn’t fit into the media’s election narrative? After a testy primary, Republicans have unified to rally around Mitt Romney; after four years of President Obama, Democrats are deeply ambivalent about their party’s leader.

Details at the Weekly Standard (half page).

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