Feds Sue Florida

? for removing noncitizens from voter rolls

Figure this out: Performing its due diligence to protect the rights of citizens before the 2012 elections, Florida sought to purge noncitizens from its voter rolls. No big deal. State officials requested access to a federal database that could help identify illegally registered people.

But the feds refused to cooperate. So Florida sued, and now the Justice Department?part of an administration that has even spilled national security secrets to assist in its reelection?is suing back.

There?s always a tension between those worried about voter suppression and those sick of voter fraud. But if those worried about suppression really cared about the democratic process, they too would seek to minimize voter fraud, which dilutes the rights of actual citizens. Voter fraud is a type of voter suppression.

Couldn?t all this confusion be resolved if, say, you had to provide a photo ID to vote? I mean, you can?t buy a cigarette, get into a bar, get on a plane, or to attend a Michelle Obama book signing. So what?s the big deal about asking someone to prove who he is before he engages in the most basic yet most essential, approaching sacred, act in the Republic?namely, voting to determine who governs us?

Read more about the battle between Florida and the Feds at the Miami Herald (2 pages).

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