CEO’s Outlook Doesn’t Match the Weather

‘Regulations, looming budget and tax issues, and the European debt crisis’ cited as cause for concern

The heat has finally arrived just in time for the official turn of the seasons, but the mood of The Business Roundtable members—a collection of America’s most powerful business execs— is less than sunny:

Boeing Chief Executive Jim McNerney, chairman of the Business Roundtable, and Roundtable CEO John Engler said the downturn in business confidence reflected rising uncertainty created by government regulations, looming budget and tax issues, and the European debt crisis.

These issues are becoming “increasingly persistent obstacles to a stronger recovery,” Mr. McNerney said in a statement.

Mr. Engler said in a press call with reporters that the uncertainty facing business owners currently “is pretty lethal.” –Washington Times

When the nation’s top CEOs are using words like “lethal” to describe the country’s economic situation, that spells bad news for an incumbent president.

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