Obamacare Ignores Doctors

But they?re kind of important to healthcare

The proponents of Obamacare have ignored one slightly important constituency in the field of medicine:? doctors.

Daniel Heninger writes at the Wall Street Journal that Obamacare is chiefly about insurance?but its architects have paid little attention to the effects of the new behemoth law on the relationship between patients and doctors, which is what health care is all about:

?No one knows better than Barack Obama that his law sends the nation’s doctors on a voyage into an uncharted health-care world in which they are just along for the ride with their patients.?

?The Affordable Care Act will damage that most crucial of all life relationships, that between an ill person and his physician,? Henninger says.

Cubicle-dwelling bureaucrats think they can do it all. They think they know more about how to create jobs than businessmen who have actually created jobs. They think they know more about medicine that the doctors and nurses who actually practice medicine.

Over and over again, our politicians and bureaucrats claim they know what?s best. But what do they know? What is their specialty? I think it?s just talking?and screwing things up.

This is why Mitt Romney could be an impressive president. He?s not an eloquent orator, or a political philosopher, or a learned con law prof. He?s just a businessman, one who did really well. But though he?s not a Ivory Tower thinker, as a successful CEO he undoubtedly abided by the key adage of Socrates: the wise man is he who knows what he does not know. A good CEO knows the limits of his expertise and relies on others.

President Obama doesn?t get this. He claims to know all the problems we face, how to solve them, and the ability to solve them. There is no humility, there are no limits.

That explains why a 2,800 page law completely changing American healthcare pays no notice to the men and women who actually practice healthcare?doctors.

Read Henninger?s column here (1 page).

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