Obama: Let’s Not Debate Taxes ‘Til After the Election

President accuses job creators of not paying their fair share

President Obama, or whoever plugs words into his teleprompter, is a master at manipulating language:  In a speech from the White House earlier this week, he suggested that hard-working, middle class Americans  “could see their taxes go up by $2,200 starting on January 1st of next year. And that would be a big blow to working families, and it would be a drag on the entire economy.”

His implication:  Republicans want to raise taxes on the middle class. Which is of course ridiculous and false.

First, the tax cuts he refers to, the ones that expire in January, are the previously lambasted “Bush tax cuts.” The president makes no reference to the fact that these cuts came from his predecessor.

Second, the only reason Congress might not pass an extension to those tax cuts is that the more radical Democrats will refuse to agree to anything that would not raise taxes on America’s job creators—those making above $250,000.

President Obama says that America’s deficit problem is because the wealthiest Americans are not paying their fair share; he mentions nothing about out-of-control government spending—or about how Obamacare is already costing much, much more than projected and promised. No, it’s all because those greedy people who drive our economy and spur growth don’t want to pay higher taxes. In fact, they’re almost as greedy as those tea-dumping patriots in Boston Harbor!

Well, how do you pay your fair share in America? Do you do it simply by paying taxes?

Let’s think about fairness for a minute:

Here’s a link to a database of all those American warriors who have shed their blood in Iraq and Afghanistan. You could say they’ve paid their fair share. You could argue that anyone defending the country is paying more than their “fair share,” more than what is required of them than Americans.

If “paying your fair share” is measured by what you do and what you produce, you’d have to argue that anyone who starts or runs a business and hires people to work is contributing at least, if not more than, his or her fair share. Those whom President Obama wants to tax more are already giving more to America than many others. Short of those who are ready to shed their blood, the Americans who scrap and strive to create businesses and jobs keep this country going.

But then are so many more ways to pay your fair share, in what is supposed to be a free society:  Driving an old lady to church, feeding the hungry, raising a good family, heck, maybe even entertaining people.

In a free society, the government doesn’t dictate how you pay your fair share. To the extent possible, Americans want to be free to determine their destinies. A government that limits our options through high taxation, onerous mandates, and general disregard of our Constitutional freedoms, is doing more than its fair share to wreck the American dream.

But as President Obama himself said in the same speech, now’s not the time to debate all that stuff. Yes, let’s wait until “once the election is over.” Yes, he actually said that. For now, let’s just all agree to let President Obama sign the continuation of the tax cuts for the middle class, giving him a political victory to help him win this fall. If you disagree, well, you are part of the partisanship plaguing America!

Read President Obama’s speech here (1.5 pages).

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