Congressman Tries to Name Part of Ocean After Reagan

How about you just work on repealing Obamacare?

Is it of great importance, right now, at this tumultuous moment in America, that we all rise above parochial partisanship, rally around our founding values … and name the entire American coast after Ronald Reagan?

Republican Darrell Issa is introducing legislation to name what bureaucrats currently call the Exclusive Economic Zone after Ronald Reagan. Under the international Law of the Sea, a nation has exploration and exploitation rights in these zones that extend about 200 miles off their coasts.

If Issa is successful, when you go to the beach, you can say, I am entering the Ronald Reagan Coastal Waters. Isn’t that just another further incursion of government into our lives? You can’t even go to the beach without some kind of reference to the government.

How about we just work on repealing Obamacare, cutting out bad regulations, lowering taxes, protecting our Constitutional rights, and creating an environment where businesses can flourish? Rep. Issa, if you want to name something else after the Gipper, you could do all that and call it the Ronald Reagan Plan to Save America.

But leave the ocean alone, all right?

Read more at The Hill (1/2 page).

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