Losing Our Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurs drive the economy. And in America their ranks are declining.

America is losing jobs because the number of startups is declining, writes Ryan Streeter in the Indianapolis Star. Citing a report by Hudson Institute economist Tim Kane, Streeter notes that in 2005 startup companies created 3.5 million new jobs. Meanwhile, 10 year old businesses had a net loss 67,000 jobs.

But politicians, looking for cheap short-term public relations victories, don’t have the patience to encourage startups. So, as Streeter writes:

“Governors and mayors hold ribbon-cutting ceremonies in front of new plants to celebrate 500 new jobs while three other plants close somewhere else and lose 800 jobs. Meanwhile, a new startup down the street no one has heard of is growing at 20 percent and creating new jobs with no ribbons, silver shovels and politicians in hard hats.”

We’re becoming too dependent—on Big Government, Big Business, Big Education, tired routines, and archaic processes. We’re too regulated to innovate and too coddled to care. How about we bring back an America where we’d rather, to quote John Wayne’s Davey Crockett character from the Alamo, be “dead as a beaver hat” than lose our entrepreneurial spirit?

Read Ryan Streeter on “the real job growth problem” (1 page).

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