Gov. Walker: Feds Can’t Cover Obamacare Costs

Expert at fiscally responsible governance says Obamacare will be a disaster?

Gov. Scott Walker knows how to control out-of-control government spending. He?s been doing it in Wisconsin, where he?s released the death grip the public sector unions had over the people?s money. And he?s now turning his attention to opposing Obamacare, which he predicts will be a fiscal disaster, as he tells my friend Joe Lawler at RealClearPolicy:

?[T]here?s real concern for me, though, that if the states are the ones running the [health insurance] exchanges, in the end the federal government, like they have on so many other issues, are going to end up dumping on the states and making state taxpayers pay a bigger bit of the bill, because they can?t cover it here in Washington.?

Read the interview here (1 page).

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