Chicago Teachers Union On Strike

But what about the children?!

President Barack Obama’s home town is in chaos as the Chicago Teachers Union has declared a strike starting Monday for the first time in 25 years, defying former Obama chief of staff, now Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel.

Parents are outraged as children struggling through the city’s troubled school system will now miss critical days at the start of the year. Working families are scrambling to make alternative arrangements for child care.—Breitbart

Whoa! Trouble in paradise! Unions and Democrats fighting? This must be what it was like when the Beatles broke up. Just hippies crying in the streets all over the country.

The Chicago Teachers Union may have just shot themselves and teachers unions everywhere in the foot. Because the myth of the infallibility of teachers unions has been on their side for years now. But now they can’t use “what about the children?!” as their defense anymore, because they are leaving Chicago kids and their parents out to dry while their city is in utter chaos.

Just a thought: tenure might literally be the most absurd concept in history. Unions are fallible. And yes, even teachers themselves are fallible (gasp). For every two great teachers I had in first and second periods, there was an equally bad one coming up in third.  Teachers are just like everyone else. Some should be paid more. Some should be paid less. Some should be fired. Some should be promoted. Some should be praised. Some should be criticized. Long story short, teachers should be held accountable for their actions and their job performance. Everyone else in society, outside of government, is expected to perform. And that, my friends, would be caring about the children.

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