The Economist: Teachers Unions Destroy Social Mobility

By weakening education, they create more inequality than ‘Wall Street,’ says magazine

The Economist has an editorial calling for a new “radical centrist politics” to promote an economic growth that lifts up the poor and enables all to flourish. But the center-left magazine departs from the usual line of the Ruling Political Elite, that we simply need to raise taxes on the rich to achieve our ends. One of the major hurdles to economic opportunity is poor education, and The Economist warns:

“School reform and introducing choice is crucial: no Wall Street financier has done as much damage to American social mobility as the teachers’ unions have.”

Economic problems are plaguing the world, even developed nations, as is seen by the turmoil in, say, Greece and Spain and the economic stagnation in America. But in the face of this, “the left’s only answer is higher tax rates on wealth-creators.” How, The Economist asks, can you create more wealth by going after those who are capable of creating it?

Read The Economist’s call for True Progressivism here (about a page).

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