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‘You Can Only Do So Much When There’s a Gun in Your Face and It’s the Federal Government’

Gibson Guitar CEO Henry Juszkiewicz reveals to the Wall Street Journal that while he is trying to focus on making his business prosper, the federal government–which allegedly is trying to help create jobs in America–has made things pretty difficult ever since armed Fish and Wildlife Service agents raided his factories in August.

The government has accused Gibson of violating the Lacey Act, essentially a law ensuring that obscure conservation laws of foreign nations are enforced in the U.S. Among other targets of the Lacey Act were four people who were sent to the federal hoosegow “for importing lobster tails without the cardboard container specified in a Honduran law—a law that Honduran officials testified was defunct.”

Read the Wall Street Journal’s interview with Gibson Guitar CEO Henry Juszkiewicz (3.5 pages/1,707 words).

  1. Discordant

    Can you imagine the FBI at your door because you have broken the law? How much worse the Fish and Wildlife guys, same suits, same guns, but you are innocent. This is another side of big government; teeth that can rip you apart and change your life for breaking an obscure law, a defunct law or a foreign law. They get to choose the target; you only get to comply or go to jail. Don’t forget to vote. We need a change.

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