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GM Recalls 8,000 Government-Subsidized Chevy Volts

So when will the taxpayers get a return on their $5 billion electric car investment?

In order to restore the structure around the Chevy Volt’s battery and make the cars safer in the unfortunate instance of an accident, General Motors has recalled about 8,000 cars that have been sold over the past two years. Keep in mind, GM only sold about 7,700 Volts in 2011, even though they were heavily subsidized by the Obama administration.

Even though no one seems to want the Chevy Volt (and the few that did were driving around in potential fire traps) that does not mean that someday down the road electric cars won’t be a success.

But if we have learned anything from reckless government spending and the bankrupt Solyndra debacle, that success will come when private individuals and corporations decide to invest. The federal government is not entrepreneurial, as we have seen, and using billions of tax dollars to fund projects that have no market yet only serves to perpetuate this economic crisis.

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  1. marvin keith

    These autos were rushed through production under pressure from the white house for totally political purposes for obama. The cars were not sufficiently tested in the battery support area. Certain types of collision damage has resulted in delayed combustion. The total recall is to repair this defect – brought on by a defective president. Many of the black Americans that I have the opportunity to question in my engineering profession are dismayed at obama’s performance an they fear that this will unfairly reflect badly upon black Americans as a group. Yet the republicans present no competent choice for blacks or whites except possibly Newt G.

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