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Journalist Andrew Breitbart dies at 43

Andrew Breitbart–a devoted father and husband–was a real journalist, an example of courage in a field that has been too often filled with those inclined toward complacency. His devotion to the values and freedoms that made America great made him a true patriot. Despite the fierce criticism fired at him by the political and media elites (or the Complex, as he called him), he always kept a happy disposition. Criticism, for him, was a badge of honor:  It meant he was revealing truths that made the Complex uncomfortable. He never shied away from controversy, and he boldly lived in devotion to the truth.

Breitbart, who helped Ariana Huffington launch Huffington Post when she was still conservative, was a former editor of the Drudge Report. He started the BigGovernment, BigJournalism, BigHollywood, and BigPeace websites–all of which brought a refreshing energy and honesty to the American media.

One moment that especially illustrate Breitbart’s exuberance:  When former Rep. Anthony Weiner was late to a press conference to explain his lewd Twitter photos, which had been exposed by Breitbart’s website, Breitbart happily lept up to the podium and co-opted the event, enthusiastically fielding questions.

Watch that press conference here (14:16)

Here are some commentaries on Breitbart’s bold legacy:

Jonah Goldberg talks about Breitbart on TV this morning, just minutes after learning that his friend had died (4:29).

My friend Jonathan V. Last at the Weekly Standard writes about the surreal experience of meeting Breitbart at Arianna Huffington’s house (1/2 page).

Watch Tucker Carlson’s tribute here (5:04).

Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post writes about “what Breitbart meant to politics (just over two pages/1,139 words).

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