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The War Against Our Constitutional Freedoms

Americans, both women and men, are worse off under President Obama

Seriously, who’s waging a war against women?

Those who oppose President Obama’s unconstitutional mandates that force both men and women to violate their consciences or break the law?

Or how about the Obama administration, under whose leadership jobs losses have affected woman at massively disproportionate levels?

As Mitt Romney noted the other day, an astounding 92.3% of Americans who have lost jobs have been women during Obama’s administration.

The media elites couldn’t handle this truth. The “fact-checking” website Politifact had to admit that Romney’s number was “accurate.” But they couldn’t let it be revealed that it is Obama who is hurting American women. So, in an absurd act of verbal gymnastics, they accused the Romney campaign of “misreading” that startling statistic.

Read more from Mark Hemingway at the Weekly Standard (two pages/1,000 words).

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