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Bureaucrat Nags Americans to Deaf

President Obama’s transportation secretary actually drives around honking his horn at people he thinks are too annoying

Say you’re driving somewhere in or near Washington, D.C., and you pick up your phone to responsibly dictate a text or make a hands-free call. And, then, the blasting of a car horn over your left shoulder starts rupturing your ear drums. What the..?! You swerve, but steadfastly keep your wits about you as a car passes by, horn still blaring, the driver looking at you, not the road, while wagging his finger.

That road-rager just might be President Obama’s Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, who has openly admitted to honking his horn at drivers he sees holding their mobile devices.

Alas, it’s not enough for LaHood to make the ears bleed of those in his immediate vicinity. Thanks to Obama’s view of unfettered federal authority, LaHood, who was once a Republican congressman, has the power to make virtual horn honks at all of us, nagging us into what he thinks we should do. Trying to get all states to ban mobile phone use in vehicles, except for government-defined emergencies, he has ordered his Transportation Department to explore technology that could make phones inoperable in cars.

I don’t honk my horn: It’s annoying and, I’d bet, a pretty dangerous distraction. It says more about the person who is honking than the honkee. The honker probably had a terrible day, and LaHood, as a member of an economy-wrecking, constitution-trampling administration, probably has his share of tough days. The Southern in me also involuntarily drives slower if someone is honking behind me. But if I see Ray LaHood—or any other power-hungry bureaucrat of note–driving around, I just might be tempted to lay it on. That’s a big “if,” because unlike Comrade LaHood I try to keep my eyes focused on the road and not into other people’s cars. Chill out, man. Or just take the metro.

Read about LaHood’s horn honking approach to national transportation security here (less than a page/352 words).

And check out Ramesh Ponnuru on LaHood’s plans to ban phones in cars (two pages/994 words).

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