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Forbes’ Gregory: ‘Let the Electorate Decide’

Freedom v Socialism

President Obama and the Democratic Party try ridiculously hard to hide the very obvious reality that he stands on a socialist platform. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, has been hesitant to fully own his accomplishments at Bain Capital due to left wing attacks on private equity.

Both sides might as well come clean. Obama should make his health care reform a centerpiece of his campaign rather than pretend it does not exist. Romney should explain the insights into American capitalism he gained at Bain Capital and why that qualifies him for the Presidency. Both should state their positions clearly and let the electorate decide. The winner will have a mandate for action.—Paul Roderick Gregory, Forbes

It’s a nice sentiment from Mr. Gregory, but the left wing leadership of the Democratic party knows too well that socialism doesn’t play with the American people. The independent voters that Obama won over in 2008 were duped by the branding of the celebrity-type/post-political charmer. If the administration was to ever acknowledge their socialist affiliations, the Democratic Party as we know it would be exposed and forced into irrelevance.

But, as I have previously stated, Obama’s attacks on Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital were the beginning of the end for his administration. He wasn’t completely exposed, but he was certainly caught waving a flag woven with his true colors. It may have been red, white, and blue, but it definitely looked more like this.

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