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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes “Uncomfortable” With Calling Troops “Heroes”

FYI his wife is Associate Counsel for President Obama

It must be difficult going through life being so much more enlightened than everyone else, Chris Hayes. So please, enlighten me. Help me get on your level so you’re not alone. Tell me the secrets to the universe. Tell me who qualifies as a hero.

Or better yet, just let me rant…

Remember when I said that there are only two types of people in this world? People who get it and people who don’t? Well Chris Hayes is one of those people who just doesn’t get it. Why is that? Well, because he is “uncomfortable” with calling our service members “heroes.”

Chris Hayes must have confused Memorial Day with “Left Wing Soap Box Day”—which seems to be literally every single other day on the calendar. I mean you just can’t keep your mouth shut for one long weekend? One day even? It is literally unfathomable to me how some people’s minds work.

Hey Chris Hayes, our military doesn’t take us to war. Politicians do. You can debate the strategic purpose of the war, but you can’t debate the sacrifice that is made by those who fight in it.

Warriors fight for the guys to their left and their right. They protect each other and die for each other. Take a step back from your Ivy League philosophy major world view and get a clue.

Let me tell you why they are heroes. It’s because they stand on a wall. And say nothing is going to hurt you tonight. Not on my watch.

P.S. Is anyone surprised that his wife is Barack Obama’s lawyer? This line of thinking prevails throughout the Obama administration.

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