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Marine Walking After Taking RPG in Leg

Semper tough

Marine Corporal Perez Winder didn’t have your usual Rocket Propelled Grenade injury. Instead of taking shrapnel in his leg, he took the entire RPG. Instead of exploding, the device lodged itself in the Marine’s leg, missing his femoral artery by millimeters.

A courageous Army Medivac team airlifted Winder to a secure base, understanding the risk of bringing a live RPG onboard an aircraft filled with fuel.

At the base, Navy trauma nurse Lt. Cmdr James Gennari and Army explosives expert Staff Sergeant Benjamin Summerfield removed the deadly weapon. Winder was amazingly awake through the whole ordeal, with adrenaline pumping in overtime.

Now six months later, much to the disbelief of his doctors at Walter Reed, Corporal Perez is now walking with a cane.

“Imagine someone heating up a pole and putting it in your leg, and imagine that attached to that pole is a bomb,” said Winder’s trauma surgeon, Lt. Cmdr. Elliot Jessie. “We were concerned whether he would keep his leg or not. He had a big injury, a lot of soft tissue damage.”—CNN

And if you ever wondered what a man thinks about when he has a bomb stuck in his leg, Corporal Winder offers some insight:

“The thing I was thinking about is: ‘Who is going to lead my Marines? Who is going to take over for me? Are they better off without me?’ ” he said. “That’s everybody’s biggest fear – having to leave your Marines behind.”—CNN

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