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Facts Don’t Matter: Obama’s World of Theory

Tells suffering small business to stop complaining about Obamacare’s regulatory hurdles to success

When the president travels the country, it could be a good opportunity to see how policies originated in ivory towers and cubicle mazes actually affect the American people. But like Catherine the Great touring the towns of the Russian serfs, President Obama only chooses to see a rosy, quaint picture of what life is like under his ever-growing government.

In Iowa, a reporter cited the example of a small business that has already suffered because of Obamacare. Instead of trying to learn more, the president said the businessman was wrong; he probably only suffered “because it’s tough running a small business no matter.”

Sure, it is tough work running a small business. And that’s why the last thing any small business needs is the President of the United States imposing policies on them that make it more expensive to hire more workers, that make it more expensive to use the energy needed to create and deliver their products, and that require them in some cases to violate their consciences.

Watch this video of President Obama showing no interest in the concerns of those businesses who say Obamacare is strangling them (1 minute). This is what happens when you live in a world of high-faluting theory, untethered from the practical experience of the daily grind. This, once again, is the difference between those who get it, and those who don’t.


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