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Obamacare: ‘A Bureaucrat’s Dream’

Giving cubicle-dwelling policy wonks control over our lives

A friend of mine who once escaped communist Eastern Europe recently described Obamacare as a “bureaucrat’s dream.” In its thousands of pages, it gives the government the power to regulate and mandate whatever it wishes. It’s tough to fathom, he said, that he is now having the same conversations about the struggle for freedom with his children that his father had with him back in the old country.

Obamacare is a new Constitution for America. By giving Washington the power to mandate that all Americans purchase something, it creates a vast new power that can be used in a myriad ways by future administrations. Because everything is related to our health, bureaucrats will never tire of ways to interfere with our lives—which, of course, is a dream come true to the cubicle-dwelling policy wonks who aspire to tinker with our lives.

Richard Epstein writes at the Hoover Institute’s Defining Ideas website how already—before most of Obamacare has been implemented—the government is stifling healthcare innovation. Accusing the Food and Drug Administration of “institutional blindness masquerading as science,” he points to problems with the FDA that offer a preview of what happens when government completely takes over the nation’s healthcare.

Read it here (1 page).

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