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Americans Throwing Money at Romney After SC Decision

This may be a blessing in disguise

Three hours since the high court’s ruling, the GOP nominee’s spokeswoman Andrea Saul tweeted that the campaign had received $1 million in donations in the wake of the decision.

“Just crossed $1 million raised for @MittRomney since SCOTUS decision. #FullRepeal,” she tweeted. Washington Times

Now this may seem like a very gloomy day for the cause of liberty. But it also might be just the wake up call this country needs. Every great coach knows that sometimes you have to lose in order to win. The American people may have lost today, but those who would rather live in a free republic have been awakened. As Clint Eastwood said, its halftime in America.

Obamacare, the crown jewel of this despotic regime, will ultimately be its undoing.

  1. D.M. Zuniga, P.E.

    Exactly, Thomas. I commented below that Roberts is trying to pull a *Marbury v Madison* here; as John Marshall did in that ruling…give them their victory in one battle, but win the war that has been raging.

    In his dictum on judicial supremacy over state legislation, John Marshall in 1803 set the course of American political power for 200 years. Some would say it had to be done; those were fractious, sectionalist times. States took too many liberties against individuals, and needed to be shown the fences. Judicial supremacy created those fences. With one passing comment about judicial supremacy in his Marbury v. Madison ruling, Chief Justice Marshall telegraphed a coming new era for the bickering and often unjust state legislatures. But he did it in a case that seeminly had nothing to do with that issue.

    Marbury was a centralist (‘Federalist’) holdover appointment by the officious John Adams. After Jefferson won the presidency, his Secretary of State (James Madison) refused to deliver the appoitment to this last of Adams’ Federalist “midnight judges”, Mr. Marbury. So the matter at hand was pure politics — yet, see how the Chief Justice used a mere note in passing in his opinion for the 4-0 court, about the prerogatives of the judiciary!

    You see, judiciary power both state and federal had ruled against the state legislatures many times already prior to 1803; yet, state legislatures continued to run roughshod over the rights and retained powers of the sovereign People. Someone had to call an end to the party; Chief Justice John Marshall did it — I think fittingly.

    Then, alas, over time the *federal* legislature became as lawless as the state legislatures had done prior to 1803. Congress has made unjust, open-ended, wholly unconstitutional power grabs in every area of life, using the Commerce Clause and the Necessary and Proper Clause as cover.

    John Roberts, by ‘joining’ the liberals and giving Obama his ‘victory’, has planted a deadly accurate explosive charge at the base of the Leviathan State’s century-old superstructure. It will take time, but you’ll see the wisdom of this chess move within a few election cycles and USSC seasons.

    Meanwhile in the short term, this brilliant jurist is re-energizing the Tea Party, at least for this election, and the GOP base — and millions of other conservatives who happen to belong to the Democrat party.

    Chief Justice Roberts has to be cringing at a lot of the ballistic reactions from the Far Right who don’t study political economy, or don’t remember history as well as they might. But he also has to be smiling, like the cat who ate the canary.

    Enjoy your ‘win’, Obummer! Even Jimmy Carter can take pot-shots at you now, my Kenyan friend. History will show you to have been the tool of a Welfare State and Warfare State both gone a bridge too far.

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