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The Election Is Now the Only Way to Safeguard Freedom

Supreme Court’s refusal to toss out Obamacare is a harbinger of looming loss of liberties

The Supreme Court’s decision upholding Obamacare definitely shocked America, especially given Chief Justice John Roberts’ opinion that the individual insurance mandate was a constitutional tax. Now, Congress can use the newly-expanded commerce clause to require Americans to do just about anything–even, as the contraceptive mandate has revealed–to do things that violate their consciences.

Roberts’, of course, wasn’t endorsing Obamacare, and future administrations and Congresses certainly have the right to overturn it. Which means that to protect the future of liberty in America this election is all the more essential. If President Obama wins, there will be nothing standing between us and a government with virtually unlimited, unshackled, and undefined power.

This 8 minute video interview with Reason magazine’s Peter Suderman offers a helpful overview of what we now face.

  1. D.M. Zuniga, P.E.

    We’ve been on that long, slippery slope for 150 years, Joe. As I’ve said here before (and it’s easy enough to corroborate on Wikipedia or many other websites), Washington D.C. long ago made all ten points of the Communist Manifesto into federal policy. Thus, America is (definitively) communist — and millions of parasitic Americans want to keep it that way.

    Then there’s fascism, which Benito Mussolini’s ghost writer defined as the alliance of the corporations with powerful central government, to control the people. Since before Woodrow Wilson’s time, that has been standard operating procedure with the military industry, the communications and pharmaceutical and insurance industries, the petrochemicals and energy industry generally — and most of all, the financial and banking industry. The average productive citizen, who is supposed to be the apex sovereign in our form of government — hasn’t had a say in his own life for the past century or more.

    So now, fascism meets communism in the area of healthcare. Some of the aspects of the Obamacare law actually were drafted by the GOP (after the failure of Hillarycare) and are a boon to consumers and a bust for greedy and unfair insurance companies. But the principle of all of this is that if this law is allowed to stand, America slides that much farther down the slope to a communist-fascist future from which we will never recover.

    We The People are the main problem. The criminals and their puppet politicians are just doing what We The People are allowing them to do.

    When will we finally have had enough of life under this Anticonstitution?

    Soon, I think.

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