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What Was a Mandate is Now a Tax on Breathing

Did the Founders ever expect a ‘birth tax?’

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, Americans are throwing their money at Mitt Romney in the wake of this Supreme Court healthcare decision. He is closing in on $5 million since the announcement.

Why such a dramatic reaction? Ezra Dulis from Big Government explains:

Under the law, simply by being born, American citizens are saddled with a tax burden if they are not covered by a health insurance plan. They don’t have to possess anything; they don’t have to do anything; they simply have to be.

He goes on to say that simply repealing the tax is not enough. More permanent measures need to be taken:

To gain ground in the fight against civic illiteracy on this scale, it will take nothing less than a Constitutional Amendment to–and I cannot believe this phrase must be written–prohibit the federal government from taxing mere human existence.

  1. D.M. Zuniga, P.E.

    Incidentally, as I mention in the monograph linked below, it is immaterial what Chief Justice Roberts’ motivation was, for siding with the liberals on the SCOTUS and for taking the direction he did in the majority ruling.

    The outcome can be very salutary for the cause of limited government — again, provided that We The People begin to act as sovereigns over all three branches of our SERVANT government, which is limited to the powers stipulated in the US Constitution **regardless what those three branches may say about it**.

    On this subject, I recommend Stanford Law School dean Larry Kramer’s book, “The People Themselves”. Before reading that book, read Federalist #10 and #51, in which Madison repeatedly demonstrates that when the checks-and-balances fail between the branches of government, We The People and our sovereign States must check the federal tyrant.

    In passing the 17th Amendment, the centralising powers stripped a critical VERTICAL check and balance power from the Constitution — namely, that the State legislatures have the power to elect the members of the U.S. Senate. Stripping the State legislatures of the basic check-and-balance powers and turning it over to the people directly basically destroyed the unique safety mechanism designed by the framers in having a bicameral (house and senate) legislature in the first place.

    Things are unraveling fast in the world, and in America. We have seen this very unraveling, several times before — interestingly, before both world wars. If we will learn the lessons of history, we must hold our nose and elect Romney, and also elect an historic new crop of conservatives to house and senate seats this November…and then begin to do the sovereigns’ duty that We The People have abdicated for generations.

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