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How to Ride a Bike? Just Ask Government

Your tax dollars have paid for a study explaining how to pedal a two-wheeler

The federal government spends so much of our money that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of all the waste. What’s another subsidy for doggy glitter or a mind reader at a Las Vegas government meeting when the nation already has trillions of debt?

Here’s just a few more examples of incredible wastes of our money. The Hoover Institute’s Defining Ideas website discusses the National Science Foundation’s “habit of fleecing American taxpayers.”

Henry I. Miller writes:

“In April 2011, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), a physician, released a report, “NSF Under the Microscope,” that provides a useful analysis of the agency’s funding. Coburn’s report identified a number of projects that will make most Americans, scientists and non-scientists alike, shake their heads. They include studies of: how to ride a bike; when dogs became man’s best friend; whether political views are genetically predetermined; whether parents choose trendy baby names; and when the best time is to buy a ticket to a sold out sporting event.”

What would we do without the government funding such life-changing studies? Answer:  Live our lives just fine, thank you.

Read the rest of Miller’s commentary here (1.5 pages).

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