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Obama Should Thank Romney for Helping Businesses Flourish

The president’s campaign shops at Staples, which Romney helped make into a successful enterprise

There’s a vast difference between those who talk and those who do.

President Obama has done a lot to be sure—especially when it comes to ignoring the Constitution and making more Americans dependent on the government. But when it comes to rejuvenating the American economy and creating jobs, he is all talk. In his talking, he even has torn down those who do create jobs, most notably in his attacks on Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital.

But, as has often been the case, the president’s actions don’t match his words. Mitt Romney is a do-er—a man who has actually created jobs. As CEO of Bain Capital, Romney turned a struggling office supply company into one of the country’s most flourishing companies, Staples.

And who is a major customer of Staples—a company that is the result of Romney’s hard work, insight, and financial acumen?

The Obama campaign. They’ve spent $17,963.04 at Staples this year, reports the Washington Examiner.

If the President wants to be consistent, he should find some other company for office supplies. Or he could be honest and thank Mitt for helping create a great American company that benefits so many.

But then he would likely lose this election, because people might realize that America needs a man who can accomplish good things rather than just talk about them.

Read about the Obama campaign’s expenses at Staples and Sports Authority—both created with the help of Mitt Romney–at the Washington Examiner (less than a page).

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