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Paul Ryan Says Republicans All-In on Obamacare Repeal

‘We win, We repeal’

As we get closer and closer to November, the party of Big Government will try to distract the American people from the issues at hand. They will do everything they can to make Americans think about something other than the economy and the loss of their freedoms through Obamacare. It is crucial that the leadership of the Republican Party keeps the debate centered on these two topics, so the country knows just what is at stake. Congressman Paul Ryan is one of the strongest leaders in the GOP, and he told Breitbart News that his party is 100 percent committed to a repeal of this most egregious law.

“We believe we owe the country the right to decide: will we choose a path that will lead to a debt crisis, or reclaim the principles our Founders established?”– Paul Ryan

  1. D.M. Zuniga, P.E.

    My point is, Paul Ryan is being a bit duplicitous when he suggests the GOP has to win even more seats to repeal that dog-from-Hell monstrosity. The GOP already won an historic number of new seats, eight months after they passed the bill. They can hold a repeal vote today and kill that monster.

    But of course Ryan is as much a politician as the others; they’re all a bunch of damned politicians and crooks. There’s not a dozen honest statesmen in the whole bunch.

  2. D.M. Zuniga, P.E.

    That’s the tactical issue this election: the number of Democrat members of Congress had to be reduced. Not one GOP member of Congress voted for the Marxist takeover of healthcare in March 2010, but there were too many donkeys in Congress.

    After the historic mid-term swing with a record number of new GOP members, a repeal vote should handily kill Obamacare. That should be even more the case after November. So now it’s a matter of every one of us making a LOUD hue and cry to our members of Congress: REPEAL IT; ALL OF IT.

    Some of the GOP-designed portions of the law are salutary for consumers and bad for insurance companies; that’s why some are saying that repeal will be so hard to get. But if any of the gargantuan, pork-and-loophole-riddled tax-and-regulate bill is left standing, the Progressives will come back with riders from here to the moon.

    Kill it. All of it. The Constitution grants NO power to government to meddle in healthcare.

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