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California: No Country for Republicans

The Golden State shows the results of a land run by Big Government

It’s no surprise that California is in the position that it is in considering it is the home to Los Angeles, the Mecca of far left ideology in America.

Conn Carroll at the Washington Examiner says that California is exactly what all of America would become if not for the small government proponents of the Republican party. Since Arnold Schwarzenegger really doesn’t count as a Republican, California hasn’t had a Republican governor since 1996.

“Democrats have also enjoyed complete control of the state legislature since 1997. And they have governed exactly the way you’d expect Democrats to govern.

Spending has more than doubled, from $45.4 billion in 1996 to more than $92.5 billion today. Income, sales and car taxes have all been hiked. As a result, California has the most progressive income tax system in the nation, with seven income tax brackets, and the second-highest top marginal rate.”Washington Examiner

Politicians are politicians. We always have to be wary of putting too much faith in any particular person or party at any given time. But without question, the Democratic Party has moved so far to the left that they have absolutely zero chance of offering a serious solution to any problem in our society.

The Republican Party, even with its flaws, has demonstrated itself to be the far better choice for America’s future.

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