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“Jobs Plan” One of the Worst Phrases In the World

It should seriously be considered a curse word

Scrolling around RealClearPolitics before, I saw a headline from The Hill’s Juan Williams which read “Republicans Have No Jobs Plan.” I didn’t read the article because the headline is dumb.

Someone please explain to me why a “jobs plan” is even necessary. That terribly annoying term implies that business is dependent on government. That the people that start businesses and work at them are dependent on government. That it is up to the government, rather than the American people, to fix this economy—when the government is the exact reason why the economy is in turmoil. Nothing this administration has done has in any way bettered the lives of the citizenry.

You know what my “jobs plan” is? Leave us alone!

  1. D.M. Zuniga, P.E.

    Well said! “Leave us alone!” was the animating principle behind the Puritan colonies, and behind the Declaration of Independence, and behind the War for Independence that followed.

    Smaller government in our modern context means cutting the funding for some very, very popular Washington D.C. giveaways. More people are on the government dole — and here I’m talking about farms, ranches, small businesses, large corporations, and new tech startups right alonside welfare queens and teeming hordes of feckless bureaucrats, rubber stamp in hand.

    Plenty of cutting must be done; maybe Romney will be up to it, with a conservative Congress fired up and irritated by TEA Party freshmen and sophomores. We’ll see.

    We The People have found the key to the magnificent, powerful machine built by our forefathers. Soon, we’ll even learn to drive this thing — and by God, then they’ll either leave us alone, or do prison time.

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